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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by emlou, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. emlou

    emlou Guest

    Hi all,

    Been living here for three and a half years now & I guess we're looking to expand our circle of friends. I'm 29 hubby is 31 & we have two lovely boys ages 5 years & 18 months old. Originally we lived in Essex UK but we now live central gold coast so If you're on the coast & are looking to meet or have a chat please get in touch. :smile:

  2. Hi emlou

    We are in helensvale, been in oz six months arrived in adelaide stayed for two months hubby couldn't get work so here we are. Love it here kids really settled, We have two girls six and three up for meeting new faces pm me if you like where a bouts are you?
  3. BlueBell1997

    BlueBell1997 Guest

    We are moving to Helensvale/Coomera area in 3 weeks. We have 4 kids 10/9/6 & 9mths.
    Would be great to hear from anyone in the area :)
  4. High bluebell, we are in helensvale (monterey keys) area it's lovely perfect for us, we have children in school and kindy here and they are so settled. Bet your well excited now remember those last few weeks although been here six months now feels like we been here forever. Just got our first visitors my mum and dad and it's been great. Our dog arrives next week it's been a long emotional journey prepare yourself. Feel free to pm me, what do you/ your husband do for work? We have a six yr old girl, and a 4 year old.

  5. emlou

    emlou Guest

    Hi all

    Hi Nicola (Really sorry for such a delay in my response to you, we moved home & it's been fun and games) :biglaugh:
    Anyway we've been here a while now but still find it very hard at times, we're settled and everything now it's just the feeling of being so alone & we've had no visitors either & this July we'll have been out here 4 years. I would love to meet you for a coffee and a chat sometime, I'm a stay at home mum so I'm pretty flexible with days etc. Feel free to send me a private message and we can add each other on facebook, if you are on there?

    Bluebell, I would be more than willing to meet you when you've settled after your arrival, wish we had people here already that we knew. Again feel free to PM me.

    Em X
  6. Em_10

    Em_10 New Member

    Hi Em

    Hope you're settling in a little better now; it's been nice and chilly later - still better than a UK summer though by the sounds of it! I'm 33 and living on the Gold Coast with my husband. We met in the UK, moved to South Africa and then ended up here in Oz. Been on the Gold Coast for 5 years (can hardly believe that!) and we really like the area although it's quite hard to make new friends we have found. I guess the Gold Coast is not really conducive to this as people always seem to be coming and going from the town. We run our own business too so it's quite hard to make the usual mates at work and stuff. Also, not pub-culture really over here; so no popping into the local for a pint after work either! :no:

    Anyway, as I say, hope you are settling in a little better; Australia can be quite an isolating place i know, as beautiful as it is.
    Take care :)
  7. Ozcats1

    Ozcats1 Guest

    Meet for drinks?

    Hi Gold Coasters,
    we arrived in burleigh, GC almost 2 months ago and are looking for work in finance/ banking/ accountancy.
    we too are missing friends and family and agree with Em-10 that without work mates it's proving difficult to make friends, tho it's early days.
    we like a beer or 2 and would love to meet anyone who fancies a drink and a our car is still being shipped over here, somewhere along the GC highway would be best for us as the buses run quite regularly.
    please let us know if anyone fancies it,
    cheers Ian & Sara

  8. Hi Everyone,

    Although we're way back at the beginning of the Visa process, I'd love to get to know people before we actually make it over there, even if it could be 2 years. It's the only thing that worries me about the move - having no friendly faces around!

    I'm Amy, 28, & my partner's Tom (30). We're hoping to come over on a Skilled Independent Visa, Tom's a mechanic. Like I said, we're way back in the beginning stages & just preparing for the IELTS test, to make it up to the 60 points required...:err: Have been doing some mammoth research over the last few months so we could be sure we definitely wanted to do this...and we are so desperate to do this now. A shame it takes so long, but hoping it will be totally worth it.

    We have 2 boys, Oliver who's 4 & Harry, who's 2.

    If anybody wants to add me on Facebook, please feel free to msg me.
  9. Carlymac

    Carlymac Guest

    Hi everyone,

    We have been on the Gold Coast for 3 years, we are 29 and 30 and have 3 children, 5, 7 and 9.....I have heard that the Gold Coast is one of the hardest places to make new friends, we have a few friends but love meeting new people. PM if you would like to meet up...
  10. helenaadams

    helenaadams Guest

    Hi Carly :)
    I think your the Carly I have met before though sorry if not
    If you are find me on FB / private message
    love to meet up again for a coffee :)
  11. Aussiegem77

    Aussiegem77 Guest

    Hi, we've been back in Aus for 2yrs now, I'm Aussie born and Hubby is on spouse visa (we are 34 & 35). We have a daughter 5yrs and a son 2yrs. I run a playgroup in Paradise point with a friend from the U.K who emigrated with her family just over a year ago. If anyone wants to meet up or join us at playgroup then feel free to pm me. We organise cinema and dinners for the mums every now and then also. My husband likes a round of golf too, so if any of your fellas are looking for golf buddies let me know :) xx
  12. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    hi me and my hubby and our two girls 4 and 2 have just moved to manly west i am looking for playgroups to attend to meet other mums also to get out and about to meet people as i am not working so its hard to meet paradise point near to me ??? and what days and times is the playgroup ??? thanks
  13. Aussiegem77

    Aussiegem77 Guest

    Hi Carly, got your PM sorry for delay in replying I've had so much spam mail recently your notification was on the previous page and I didn't see it. Have sent you a reply, be great to meet up soon :) xx
  14. Aussiegem77

    Aussiegem77 Guest

    Hi! Unfortunately you are about an hour away from us, if you google 'Playgroups Queensland' they have a website and you can find playgroups in your area on there. If you're ever on the Gold Coast let us know :) xxx


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