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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by JoeyLowtown, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. JoeyLowtown

    JoeyLowtown Guest

    Firstly thanks to all who read this, here is my story..........

    I am a 24 year old fully qualified electrician, I hold a JIB gold card graded as approved. I have seven years experience and currently work self-employed. I am NICIEC fully approved also.

    People have always told me to go and work in Oz and the idea has always appealed to me. My personal cirumstances have changed a lot over the past 12mths. A long term relationship has broken down, family are now spread all over the UK and as we all know, work in England is thin on the ground.

    I travelled the US this year following the break up of my relationship. I met the most amazing Aussie girl. She is a school teacher from Brisbane and we hit it off instantly. We are in constant contact and very keen to get to know each other further and see if we have a future. I have very few ties to the UK these days, no children or mortgage. It seemed ideal to come to Oz to work for a while and see how things develop. I thought I'd be killing two birds with the one stone, working in Aus as I'd always wanted and being with this girl. I now unfortunately realise the issue is slightly more difficult.

    I dont want to apply for permanent migration without spending a significant period of time within the country, travelling a little and allowing our relationship to progress to a level significant enough. I am aware of the working holiday visa, but doubt this would allow me to work within my trade, due to VETASSES etc. Also my fear is getting out there and doing casual work for a year, building an amazing relationship and then having to return to the UK after 12mths, start a whole new process and not see her for ages, thus damaging the relationship.

    Are there other VISA options I can explore under the skilled migrant schemes to allow me to get more time over there to assess my situation and then apply for permanent migration whilst there, circumstances permitting?

    Any advice on sponsor companies etc or just general next steps would be greatly appreciated, the sooner I get the ball rolling the better. I have contacted immigration agents via email, but they just want to take my money to process applications, not give me any real world advice regarding my situation. My points score was 140, so should be no probs there!

    Thanks a million,


    PS. I posted this in migration also. Apologies but Im unsure the exact area I should post this in!
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Joey
    I have replied to your other thread.
    Cal x
  3. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member


    My personal advice to you....

    Do not move to Australia for any other reason than you want too !

    Relationships break down things happen etc.

    Take some time and make yoursself happy

    After reading your circumstances, i think you owe this to yourself

    Just my opinion


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