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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by beddy, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. beddy

    beddy New Member

    Hi all, were a family of five moving out to the gold coast area in mid August . My children will be at the age of 8, 9 and 18years of age . I work in childcare and my husband is a mechanical engineer .Is there any one whom can give us any advice re schools , colleges , job opportunities or would like to meet up.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi guys welcome to LIQ.. Im from Manchester and have been here almost 6 years, we live about 50 mins inland from the coast and are loving life.. Where on the Coast are fancying, its a big place and the areas vary sooo much...

    Cal x
  3. beddy

    beddy New Member

    Hi Cal thanks for your reply we are currently looking at broad beach waters and coombabah for a holiday letting, then look for a long term rental once we arrive .We are coming on a PR visa without jobs so where we settle will be determined by this.So glad to hear that you are enjoying life in Oz, we expect it to be very hard going but we are determined to make it work for us. Nearly there now and very excited :)
  4. spadgersdad

    spadgersdad New Member

    We dont know much about the Gold Coast and surrounding areas but you could take a look at , schools , employment sorry we cant be more helpful but sure someone will be able to offer lots of information
    Good luck with your search and your new life in Australia
  5. beddy

    beddy New Member

    Thankyou for the links we really appreciate your help
  6. Ragdoll

    Ragdoll New Member

    Hello beddy,
    We've been on the Gold Coast for more than a few years now..we are mid 40's with an 18yr old son...would be happy to help with any questions you have if we can...or meet up when you arrive...:)
  7. beddy

    beddy New Member

    Thanks Ragdoll we are currently looking at flights for the 20th August and would love to take you up on the offer to meet up when we arrive . My 18year old daughter has just finished her A levels and as yet does not know what career path to take . She has a large circle of friends here and is always out and about so she is looking to maybe go to college or uni to meet friends her own age .It would be brill for her to meet your son and was wondering if he uses the social network face book.
  8. Cal22222

    Cal22222 New Member

    we're in Reedy Creek, my husband works away most weeks, so I'd love to meet up if you're near here, we have 3 children, 19 year old lad who's at uni in the UK, and two girls aged 6 and 9, not been here long, but will help with anything if I can
  9. beddy

    beddy New Member

    thanks so much for your reply Cal2 I will contact you when we arrive .As yet we do not know where abouts we will be initially staying in the Gold coast but we are willing to travel any where in the Gold Coast for meet ups. We are very excited about our move and would love to meet with fellow Brits to hear about their experiences of settling in Australia
  10. Ragdoll

    Ragdoll New Member

    Hi beddy,
    Sure, thats no problem, keep in touch and let us know when you arrive........yes our Son is on Facebook,as am I. He's in his final year at High School and hoping to go to Uni next year to do Games Design.Would you like me to message you our details?......we are in Helensvale......:)
  11. beddy

    beddy New Member

    thank you soo much Ragdoll for your reply . It would be very much appreciated if you could forward both yours and your sons facebook details. Although we are excited for our move we are also feeling very apprehensive, and it is a comfort to learn that members of LIQ are here for support .
  12. Ragdoll

    Ragdoll New Member

    Hi beddy, sending you a message now..:)

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