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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Weemac, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Weemac

    Weemac Guest

    Hi folks,

    Yep, another newbie. Mac..a displaced Scot in South England...just had a call from a chap in Oz with a job offer in/around I need to find out about about the city. I was looking at moving to Melbourne until this call came in....ALL CHANGE!!...As long as I am out of UK I will be a happy chap.

    To be honest...I only seem to hear good it really that good??:eek:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    You better believe its that good!!! You wont go wrong with Brisbane its got everything you could ever need,when i first arrived i was amazed at how many aussies hadnt been out of Oz or queensland,,after a year here i fully understand why,,,theres just no need!! good luck with everything ,which part of brissy is the job offer in?
    Cal x
  3. Weemac

    Weemac Guest

    Hi Cal, thanks for that..I have been told that the vacancies are in the South of Brissy and although it is a "mobile" job then it is more convenient for all if I live in that area. Are there any Suburbs to avoid?? I have a 4 year old and she is my only concern as one of the reasons I want out of UK is she came home from school recently with rope marks around her neck!!!! I am anything but a snob and being a rugby freak reckon I can fit in most places.
  4. afiyafifi

    afiyafifi Guest

    Hi Weemac , just read your reply to cal , omg how did that happen to your daughter ? were the no teachers around that is disgusting , I hope you put a complaint in , hope she is ok ... take care karen
  5. kazandjim

    kazandjim New Member

    Hi Weemac,

    That is disgusting what happened to your daughter.
    Can't help you on suburbs as I am not there yet but will be in April.
    Where about in Scotland did you come from? We are in Fife.

  6. Weemac

    Weemac Guest

    Hi Karen,

    Nah...not my style....I met with the Head who is very good and discussed it with him, identified the children involved and sorted it out to ensure it doesn't happen again...hopefully!! The person who got the biggest scare was my wife, she is Thai and this type of thing just doesn't happen in schools in Thailand so it was a bit of a "culture shock".
  7. Weemac

    Weemac Guest

    Hello yet another Karen,

    I am a Banffer originally, although I left there 20-some years ago. What are you folks going to be doing out there?? I am a mechanic by trade and am using that to get there. My wife is also a hairdresser, so hopefully I can turf her out to work too:laugh:.

    You get there in April....any room in your suitcase??:confused:. I so want to just get out of this country....been back here 2 and a bit years...worked my lilywhite off... hating I might as well move to a place where I can work and enjoy life a bit more.

    Been lucky so far with a couple of job offers and am off to Aus House tomorrow to meet a WA Rep, then have managed to gain entry to the Expo there on Sunday. Just making sure I don't put all my eggs in one basket!!:wink:
  8. kazandjim

    kazandjim New Member

    Jimmy is a metal fabricator so that was what we used to get visa. I will put my hand to anything as long as it brings in the money.

    I am surewe could squeeze 3 of you in our suitcases.
    Good luck with tomorrow.

  9. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya guys ,,there arent any bad areas as such (not compared to the uk anyway),when in the uk i was told the less desirable areas are,,Logan ctr,Kinston,Marsden,Woodridge,,when i got here and came across these areas ,i could see why,lol!! they arent dire but not really where id want my kids to be.The thing to remeber with Brisbane is its growing so fast lots of areas have reputations that due to development no longer exist.I was told ipswich is a no go and i think its tops,lots of money invested ,new shopping centres and houses and one of the best free parks in brissy ,,Queens park,a must for anyone with kids,hope this helps a bit
    Cal x

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