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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by andretta01, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. andretta01

    andretta01 Guest

    Hello Guy's

    We are the Hartley's from Derbyshire in the uk, but will be over in Brisbane by July 2008.
    My name is Andrea and my husband is Andrew we have two children Joshua 11.5 years and Maisie-Mae 9 years. We are staring off in Rochedale south so it would be great if the children could find some friends before they attend school it would also be good for me and my husband to have friends before we arrive.

    So please get in toutch it would be great to hear from you:rofl: O(*0*)O

  2. Nikki6999

    Nikki6999 Guest

    Hello Hartley family, we are the Brews family, Nikki Michael, Sarah (6) and Liam (4)
    We will be in Brisbane July 08 too! trying to find a rental at the moment, so far no luck, Looking on the northside of Brisbane.... Would be great to keep in touch and meet up at some time in Brisbane once we all arrived and settled. So a big welcome and I am sure youll find many more friends in similar circumstances just dying to to do the same :wink:
  3. alles

    alles New Member


    :smile:Hi and welcome we are the taylors have 3 kids 11,10,8 girl boy girl. we live south in coomera good schools and entertainment and transport so good 4 us. Do you have work for when you arrive and what do you do all the best the taylors formaly lancashire. :biggrin:
  4. ck10_9

    ck10_9 The Photo Guy!

    We don't have any kids at the moment. So can't help you there.. :-(

    We moved to Oz in Feb 07 and we love it here. Only problem is the lack of people we know who are local... I have work friends now but they are all North side.. you can't just pop round for a beer. Brissy is so big.

    Imagine my surprise when I read your post and you said Rochedale South...
    We are currently in Rochedale South!! Do you know what your new address will be?
  5. andretta01

    andretta01 Guest

    Hi there, Thank you for your reply the Taylors.
    My husband is a Auto Upholsterer and has got a lot of interst in his skills and has got a few people to see when we get over, so fingers crossed . :biggrin:
  6. alles

    alles New Member


    :smile:hi if you fancy we are having a meet next week 14th june 11am at southport park goldcoast oppst australia fair an there are couples aswell as families so all welcome hope you can make it all the best the taylors coomera.:biggrin:
  7. andretta01

    andretta01 Guest

    We are going through Ray Whites real estate, so will not know untill we get there. I know that i want to be near Rochedale State School if that helps you any.
    we will have to meet up :) it will be great to meet you.
  8. andretta01

    andretta01 Guest

    Hello the Brews family,
    It would be great to meet up :) Try looking at yellow pages in Australia for real estate agents and also for occupations then get as many contacts as you can and send emails that is what i did.
    Good Luck with the hosue hunting and we hope to see you all soon. But if you need any other pointers then please contact me and i will try and help you as much as i can. :)
  9. G'day! As a bloke that comes from here, i wish you all the best..wer'e a pretty friendly bunch dowunda...always got the kettle on....never be shy to say g'day..
    take care all
  10. andretta01

    andretta01 Guest

    Ya a gud on Ozzy Bloke:biggrin:
    May need a beer though rather than the brew :rofl: well need summert to get over the flight:biggrin: he he .
    Andrea and clan:)
  11. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters


    We are Mark and Jo, bus driver and nurse from Brissies western side! Hope that you settle in well! Happy to help where possible!
  12. andretta01

    andretta01 Guest

    Hi Mark and Jo, thanks for that may take you up your help when we get over there. We are waiting on a compleation date for the sale of our house at the min and it is taking forever :(
    Thanks again Andrea.
  13. lisaanne

    lisaanne Guest

    Hello from cold UK

    Hi Andretta Family

    I hope you have settled well in Oz, my name is lisa 37, my hubby is an ozzy but lived in UK for 20 years now want to move back. We have 4 kids and I cant wait to move to Brisbane but I have to say Im so scared I wont be able to make new friends let alone the kids!:redface: I hope the ozzys treat you well.
    Good luck and I hope we settle in next year 2009
  14. HelenHardy

    HelenHardy Guest

    Hi Guys
    My other half has already moved to brisbane working for precisionscreen in waco, we will be joining him in june, still looking around all areas that are a decent drive for him and a good school for my daughter who is 13 - 14 in aug. I am the equivalent to your anaesthetic technicians and have worked as an odp for 20yrs now, any advice would be gratefully received
    Helen, leo and megan

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