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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Emms, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Emms

    Emms New Member

    I am still in the researching stage of moving to Queensland and am a little bit concerned that most of the worlds deadliest animals seem to live there! I would like to live in a rural part such as Tamborine or Beaudesert and have a few acres but I am concerned that I will be paranoid about the kids playing outside and encountering one of these deadly snakes or a crocodile appearing out of a lake to eat them (I can hear you laughing now!) How common are these creatures? Can you enjoy your garden/pool/land without fear of these creatures getting you?!

    Also, is it safe to go in the sea or are you likely to be stung by a box jelly fish or eaten by a shark? (Yes I am a bit paranoid!)

    And if the critters don't get you what about the cyclone?!

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    LOL,You sound like me 4 years ago,,lol
    I live on acerage just outside Beaudesert, its a great place.

    In the 3 and half years we have been here i have had on my property
    1 teeney green tree snake which is harmless
    1 baby brown snake up near the pool
    A redback in hubbys shed
    and thats about it
    The best bit,,, my friend lives on a more built up estate she has had numerous snakes wandering past,lol

    You worry yourself more reading about everything before you come but after youve been here a few weeks and realise theres not something behind every corner waiting to pounce you do forget about them.
    If you saw me on WDU you will know how freaked about the wildlife i was,lol, thankfully i can laugh now cause as i said above i have realised it is very rare that you will come across these creatures, infact my daughter spends most of her time running around here in bare feet, i really wouldnt allow that if i thought it was to dangerous.

    Gary (hubby) goes surfing most weeks and sometimes takes my 11 yr old with him,so far both still have all limbs intack,lol, there is shark nets down the coast but to be honest they arent that much use. Shark attacks are rare and i think you have more chance of being run over by bus crossing the road to the beach,lol.

    You do see blue bottles, hubby was stung a few weeks ago (but that was karma as he had told me he was working and went surfing,lmao) he said it was like the wind batting the sand against your legs and not overly painful. I must admit if thers alot of blue bottles out i tend to avois going in the sea that week,, you can see them and coastal watch etc normally report them so you know they are about.

    You will be fine,,,,, promise! lol

    Cal x
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Emms,

    I have been here 9 months and i live next to a nature reserve. So far I have seen one Redback spider. I have not seen any snakes or anything I would consider harmful and I walk through the nature reserve quite often.

    All local hospitals carry the antidote to spider and snake bits, Now I have been busy on Google just to look at how many deaths from spider bites have been recorded (you got me curious), apparently since 1979 no one has died of a spider bite in Australia, and the last snake bite death was 2003. Snakes will stay out of your way and if you did happen to see one just let it go its own merry way and you will have no problems.

    I have never seen a shark in the water, but if you were to swim in an area known for sharks it is protected by shark nets to keep you safe, Shark attacks are very rare and so far the only ones I have heard of have been in other States and not in QLD.

    If you were unlucky enough to get stung by a Jelly fish you go to the Lifeguards and they will treat you on the spot normally. But you are normally advised if jelly fish are about and it’s easy to avoid them, you stay out of water for a few days.

    Before I came here I was like you and wondered about snakes, (work on theory I can stamp on a spider), But after you have been here for a few weeks you start to realise that the fear is unjustified. :biggrin:.

    Just as a side note, you can buy spray to go round the outside of your home to stop the creepy crawlies. I have had two spiders in my home, neither was dangerous, just normal house spiders that you could find in the UK.
  4. Emms

    Emms New Member

    Thank you both for the reassurance, I'm sure I'll be bothering you again soon with another question!
    Emma x
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    No problem Emms thats what we are here for,lol

    Cal x
  6. pamandpete

    pamandpete Guest

    Good question, im going over in a few weeks and now feel soo much better now. It s the one question people ask when you say you are emigrating !!
  7. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I think its definately one of the things that worries us ,until you arrive and forget about them,,lol

    Cal x

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