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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by clan mac, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. clan mac

    clan mac New Member

    Hi All

    We are relatively new to BIB and am just reading threads re work/finding work difficulties etc.

    I appreciate that the recession also affected Australia, but is it really that bad over there for finding work?

    My OH is a project manager with 20 years experience as a joiner. He is fully time served and has all his city and guilds. We are just in the process of beginning our visa application so I know that things can change really quickly but are the tradies having difficulty securing employment???

    I think OH could work in either occupation but I suppose it depends which one has the most demand.

    Sorry to be a ninny,:wub::wub: but any tradies out there already got any advice please??????
  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Sorry, don't know anything about work for tradies, but i love the Avatar.....the good old NOO NOO


  3. clan mac

    clan mac New Member

    Thanks anyway Rudi.

    clan mac x
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

  5. clan mac

    clan mac New Member

    Cheers Cal

    will check this out before heading off to bed!
    Grateful thanks for posting the link, what would us newbies do without you guys??

    It is always useful to do a bit of research, but no matter what we find, we have decided that Ian will give up his management job and return to working as a joiner to satisfy the 12 month work experience criteria required for our visa

    Hopefully will have the answer we need from our agent re fees etc and we should be starting our visa process asap, will keep you posted.

    clan mac x
  6. clan mac

    clan mac New Member

    don't want to seem like a nungy but......

    Hi Guys

    We will be applying for a visa (175 or maybe 176) I think. OH will be applying as a joiner to get into Oz, but he has many years experience as a project manager. (he is giving up this occupation to go back and work as a joiner as he cannot be assessed in this occupation as he does not have a degree!) I have just looked at the job sites recommended by Cal and don't see any joiner vacancies, but see loads of vacancies for Project Managers! Whoop Whoop!!!

    Okay - I know I ramble on but my question is this - Does anyone know if OH does not work as a project manager immediately prior to coming out on visa, will this affect his chances of securing a project manager post? Or are the Oz employers inclined to take a balanced view of overall work experience???

    I know that with the 175 or 176 visa you are not tied to the specific occupation you have gained your visa with. I also know that Project managers do not require a license to work in Brisbane. Anyone got any ideas????

    clan mac:wink:
  7. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Joiners here tend to be called cabinet makers, so search that instead,lol

    Lots of the tradies i have met start in a general joe bloggs position, some end up running the show within a few weeks as you tend to find poms do the job not talk about the job,lol(im gonna get hate mail off the aussie now,lol). Its also not uncommon for some guys to swap and change jobs quite a bit in the first few months, i find this seems to apply more to those who had their own companys in the UK. Quite a few i know have opted to go into property maintance doing abit of everything, its working well for them.
    Taking a standard role would not affect your future employment chances, most poms start at the bottom and work up, its good your hubby is willing to do this, being flexible helps you sooooo much when you arrive.

    Good luck with the visa, the waiting is a blooming nightmare but definately worth it once your here, although you do end up nearly bald with no fingernails and being fed prozac by the time its granted,lol.
    Which agent are you using?

    Cal x

  8. clan mac

    clan mac New Member

    Hi Cal
    thanks for the info. Ian and I both realise that getting to Oz will mean starting over again, but life is for living and We feel as though Oz will offer us a better life eventually!

    We will be using Go Matilda, they have been great and very generous with advice and they come very highly recommended from both this forum and PIO.

    I am not looking forward to all the ups and downs of the application process but I suppose it just has to be done. I work for a mental health charity so at least I have free counselling on tap!!!! (Wonder if I might get a discount on prozac????? how many do you think we'll need????)

    As always grateful thanks

    clan mac x
  9. Den Rudy

    Den Rudy Guest

    I'm moving to Australia in about 6 months. Most likely in Brisbane. I'm graduating with a double degree in Accounting and Finance but I'm more interested in working in the Real Estate Industry, possibly becoming an agent.

    Any tips on getting a job in real estate? What is the job outlook on RE in Brisbane? I have no experience but I'm extremely interested in this. I would like to have a job secured before I come to Australia. What can I do? I don't know how to approach companies and explain the situation. Everyone keeps saying, contact us when you're here. It's kinda frustrating.

    Advice? Suggestions? Tips?

    Thank You !!
  10. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Den
    The best way to secure work here in Brisbane is to approach companys in person.Finding work in realestate should be quite easy and you have a massive choice of companys to target.

    It may be worth swatting up on real estate rules and regulations, you should find this site has most of the info you will need - Real Estate Institute of Queensland
    Good Luck with everything
    Cal x

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