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Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by Hugster&co, May 1, 2008.

  1. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Hi, I have been reading lots about people having issues with wooden furniture.

    I have plain untreated pine furniture, I thought I would just varnish it. Has any one done that? Did it get through, even with a DIY varnish job?

    The other thing I was thinking , one of the pieces of furniture is my daughter's bed, that if I couldn't bring the bed I wuold bring the mattress. Do they have issues with mattresses in customs?

    This whole moving/ storage subject is getting me worried, I don't want to foot a hefty bill when I get to the otherside for something I could have prevented this side.

    Cheers, for any feedback.
    Lisa x

  2. Ausinfo

    Ausinfo Guest

    If you want to be certain about the issue of Wooden Furniture, you can look at this government web site on the subject, and contact them direct, using the email facility almost at the bottom of the page.

    However, in general terms, you will find that many people have brought over wooden based furniture, beds, etc without any problems.

    One quote on that website says: "Quarantine inspections may be performed to ensure items are free from bark and signs of pests or diseases"

    Also have a read of this page:

    Mattresses should be no problem whatsoever from my experience.
  3. Hugster&co

    Hugster&co Senior Member

    Thanks for the contacts.

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