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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Jon Carty, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Jon Carty

    Jon Carty Guest

    Hi everyone I'm emigrating to QLD next June 09 and would like your feedback on were to put my version af a fish and chip restaraunt and take-away. I'm exited about coming to Australia on a business visa and will develop the best chippy and restaraunt you ever saw. I produce 3 different types of batter for various fish and king prawns, served either with english tea or chardonnay! Lots more too.

    So people can you advise me? or were would you like me to open up.

    Jon Carty. ;-)

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Jimboomba !!!! this place is booming with loads of new shops being built ,we still only have one chippy though,lol, There are lots of places you would do well over here mate ,especially if you can sell mushy peas and gravy ,lol,lots and lots of luck for your new venture
    Cal x
  3. Jon Carty

    Jon Carty Guest

    Well thank you Cal,
    I'm looking at all the options for a site with a high footfall, destination seaside areas with a mixture of tourist and local business, maybe somewhere people like to walk or parade in the eve where there are shops, any ideas? Mushy peas will be served with gravy, and we will call it ‘Nemo's’ - fish, chips and chardonnay
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Chorley FM ,,Coming in your ears !!!!!!!!!!11 lol, sorry just havnt a peter kay moment when i saw were your from ,lol.
    Can you not cook an indian ? we need indian restaurants over here too. I think id be looking at the south end of the gold coast as higher up the coast is already pretty well covered.
    Cal x
  5. Jon Carty

    Jon Carty Guest

    Chorley FM

    He He fishcake with half chips and half rice, ey up!

    Yeh yeh yeh, It is funny innit 'Coming in your ears' would you believe it but someone has set up 'Chorley FM@ as a local radio station, Its like Punk rock meets the Archers LOL.

    So You need a curry house eh, I learnt to cook Indian food at festivals with an old mate from Pakistan.
    Thinks !!!

    Cheers for input, I hope to keep an update going to help my family integrate.

    My middle son plays Rugby for Wigan (top 5) and the scouts are gutted he's going to OZ, do you think he will find any games down under, he's 16 and built like an OX.

    Cheers JC
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    He will probably kick ass, over here ,lol, Rugby is pretty big and most kids play. Good luck with everything and you must keep us updated on your progress
    Cal x

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