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Discussion in 'Brisbane & South East QLD' started by Lyndsey, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey Guest

    Hi there, I'm hoping some of you can give us some advice. Me, my husband & 2 children are emigrating to Austrailia next April & after a lot of time have decided to go to Brisbane. We have heard the northern suburbs are really nice but without coming over and looking around are finding it really hard to decide which would be best for us. I am a nurse so a hospital within a 20-30 drive is essential. My husband is a car mechanic. My children are 1 & 4, so good schooling for them is my priority. I love shopping and an area with a lot of young families would be good. All info much appreciated.

  2. Geraldine

    Geraldine Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Lyndsey, welcome to LIQ, we live in North Lakes and have really enjoyed it. We are about to move up to Pelican Waters on the sunshine coast. We have accepted that as we hadn't been to OZ before that we may travel around a bit. The kids were primed for this so have accepted the disruption. You never know what is going to appeal to you, I love Buderim, Mooloolaba, Noosa & Pelican Waters on the sunny coast but I also love the North Lakes for its proximity to Brissy. My eldest is a nurse and we are just waiting for his registration to come through. He however, accepts that he will have to go where the work is and as he is recently qualified it is not going to be easy to find something. So come and live here and then take time to drive around and get to know places, you will find a place that you really like and ticks all the boxes :smile:
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  3. kallis

    kallis Guest

    Its good that you all migrate to Australia in the next April I hope you are adjusted in the city how much experienced about the nurse professional?I hope your children get good education...
  4. purple_fury

    purple_fury Guest

    Hi Lyndsey
    Nice to here you are coming to oz, we are just moving to Queensland ourselves from Western Australia as hubby got a promotion. He has been there since August with his job. We have chosen to settle in Caboolture which is not far from North Lakes (northerns suburbs) this area seems to be lovely, I did a lot of research before deciding where to settle and this area is very family orientate, if you stick to mango hill, north lakes, strathpine, kallungur, caboolture and glass house mountain areas you wont go far wrong, it all depends on what you want to spend on housing when you first arrive. There are lots of houses available in all of these areas to buy and rent and no fighting over the rental properties with up to 20 other people and paying top dollars like other suburbs. There is also plenty of work, and Caboolture has it's own hospital. I am a nurse myself so will be checking the hospital out when I get there in a few more weeks, if there is anything I can help you with please let me know, all the best with your move Liz
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  5. carlhall

    carlhall Member


    Can I suggest that if you decide to live in Caboolture that you go for a 6 month rental first as there are some nice areas in Caboolture but also some "Not so nice". The big advantage of Caboolture is its railway station and the large shopping area just out of town. It is about an hour to Brisbane and 20 min drive to Bribie Island with its great beaches and you can find everything you need On Bribie for a family.

    if you want to check out an area can I suggest "Street Advisor" comments on there are from people who have lived and worked in the areas, always a good tool to check out an area.
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  6. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey Guest

  7. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey Guest

  8. Yes carlhall is right caboolture has some not so nice areas and seems to be a town that the world forgot. I have to go there for meetings sometimes. There has been a lot of talk about medical professionals recently with layoffs in the Brisbane area but new hospitals on the sunshine coast coming soon. So I would try and position yourself for both. The other areas suggested are sort of midway between Brisbane and the coast - beware the commute time into Brisbane if you plan to drive though as the traffic could add a fair bit of time
  9. Forgot to say you said schooling would be your priority. This link may be useful then Bear in mind also if you want your children to go to private schools then in some cases you need to get them on lists at the age they are at now. I have heard some mums putting them on pretty much as soon as they are born to be guaranteed a place!!!

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