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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by Sarahlou9432, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member

    Hello me and my boyfriend are coming to Brisbane for a year in January 2013 on a one year working holiday visa !! We are really excited now our flights are booked but were not sure where to live we thought the gold coast as we love the beach life style but thought the inner city would be better for jobs but we want a mixture of work and fun/travel we don't really wanna stay in a hostel we wanted our own place but the bonds are so much we are coming with about $13000 to help us but just not sure what to do if anyone has got any advice or feedback would very much appreciate it many thanks Sarah

    So excited to visit oz :) xxxxx

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    If you want beaches and night life then the Gold Coast is probably the best option. You could try finding somewhere in the Northern end so that a commute to Brisbane CBD if necessary is do-able.
    Have you looked on Gumtree for private rents or house shares ? Just be careful of scams.

    Cal x
  3. kateandjames

    kateandjames Guest

    Hi there!

    Me and my partner are at the very start of the process and just having a read of these posts to get a feel for people's current experiences out there in Queensland! I am a Technology secondary school and there is the chance that I may be able to get state nomination. We are both 26 and looking at leaving a happy life here in search for new experiences and a better quality of life. Initially we had looked at Queensland because of it's desirable climate but now la bit worried after doing a bit more research and its availability of jobs.

    I suppose all I'm looking to find out is what sort of lifestyle should we be expecting to experience as a young, sociable and outgoing couple. We both understand the implications of leaving family etc behind but feel that we would enjoy a new challenge (we know in the initial stages this will be very difficult) and the laidback lifestyle which we have researched is appealing to us both. To those who have made the leap, what are the changes we can expect from the UK, and what sort of doors would Brisbane / queensland open to a young couple.

    I appreciate all responses immensely as this is my first post in a forum and it feels like the ball is really rolling!

    Kate and James x
  4. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member

    Hey guys

    Me and my partner Adam are in the exact same position as you guys which to be honest is nice to know we're not the the only ones not to know what to expect :) are you guys set on Brisbane we have done so much research the place looks amazing but like you said not sure what the job front might hold. When are you guys thinking of leaving !! :) x
  5. kateandjames

    kateandjames Guest

    Hi SarahLou

    Great to hear a response! Well....we did a fair bit of research and i think it may be easier to go to Victoria because they are more willing to give nomination for teachers but Queensland just seems like so much more what we are looking for! It has the all year climate and seems to be a bit more cosmopolitan and young.

    What jobs do you guys do and how old are you? James is a maintenance technician so not on the skilled list but hopefully he will find work as his vocation is quite flexible. Have you seen all the changes in the application process - like the submission of the expression of interest etc....??? Its all so complicated!!

    We have a good life here, steady jobs and good friends. But it just seems like something is missing for us and we are at the point where it is either now or never. We are excited by the prospect of a better lifestyle where we can spend our spare time enjoying the weather and potentially bringing up children in an environment where they can get involved in more activities. A lot of people think we are crazy but life is too short in our opinion.

    We are hoping to start applying in the next couple of weeks (submitting the EOI). Where are guys living in the UK? Feels better already to know someone else is in our position! Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kate xx
  6. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member


    Well I'm 24 and my partner Adam is 25 but were going out on a one year holiday working visa !! We currently run our own catering business but it's got to a point of boredom and feel the business just can't offer anymore as well as wanting a change we thought it be great to see some of the world but then got looking at oz and the lifestyle they have over there got us excited and since that day we decided to go out for a year see how we like it and work hard to try gain a future over there.

    We first said Melbourne is the place we wanted to go but after looking into it a bit more Brisbane just got better and better but like you said Victoria seems to have the better job offers.

    Were booking our flights tomorrow to leave in in January I'm excited but nervous as we don't have accomedation sorted yet. We wanna see oz but don't want to do the hostel / backpacking thing we really wanna try gain a life out there.

    Were living in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, what about u ?

    Look forward to hearing from you :) x Sarah
  7. kateandjames

    kateandjames Guest

    That's really exciting! Booking flights tomorrow...! I know what you mean about the hostel thing, I have seen these things on the au real estate website that are like house shares but you sometimes get an ensuite and they do short rentals like 3 months. Seems a bit cheaper than renting a house on a whim or dossing it in hostels indefinitely. I know what you mean, Victoria seems more appealing in terms of jobs but we are the same in that we want a better quality of life. It's such a long way to go and I think that it's important to at least give your first preference of city a try. I just hope it works out! The Brisbane climate is hotter in winter than here in summer and that massively appeals to us. The weather here is just rubbish!

    We are living in Newcastle, probably going to notice a massive choice in the cost of living. Are you hoping to work in the same industry over there?

    We will find out in Jan if we can apply for the visa, hopefully get over there in the next 18 months. Originally we were going to go on the working holiday visa but when we worked it out there was little difference in costs (if we liked it and wanted to return after the holiday visa expired). You can apply for the residency visa when you're there though, and I think it actually adds points to your application.

    How you feeling about taking the leap in general? i.e. friends/ family??? It's all a bit scary but we think we are doing the right thing!

    Look forward to hearing from you, Kate xx
  8. Hi there!
    If you don't have a job, finding a rental property will be quite tricky (to say the least). You should secure a job before coming or you may get ver disappointed.
    A commute from the GC to the city is perfectly do-able, many people do it. But if you think job opportunities are better for you nearer the city, it's not a problem either as even from Brissy, the beach isn't really far at all!
    Good luck in your search/move. And if you opt for the City option, don't hesitate to contact our rentals specialist, she'll be more than happy to help you

    Philippe, for
    Open House Realty Group
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  9. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member

    It's hard to think I'm not going to be able to just drive to my mums if I want or need to but she has been really supportive so I think that makes me feel better about the situation. And I think social networking is so big now it's going be quite easy to keep in touch with Skype and things it's just the time difference that might cause a problem :) !! Like u said I thing were doing the right thing and if it don't work out were only a day away on the plane if we really hated it lol !

    My partner is currently doing a personal training course online and has his assessments soon so he would like to get a job in a gym out there and has applied for a few already and has had some good feedback from people. I think I'll take anything going for the time being I'm hoping I can find some waitressing work first and then I can start looking for something more like I would love to work with animals it's just hard to get into if you not really done it before so I've started volunteer work for the RSPCA just to get it on my cv for when I'm there.

    Everyone keeps saying how much were going to love it and not going to wanna come back so my expectations are quite high but I don't wanna be disappointed.

  10. kateandjames

    kateandjames Guest

    I know, my parents have been really supportive too, they understand my reasons and think they regret not doing it when they were younger. To be honest, I wouldn't put it past them to follow us out if we do end up getting residency. Most of our friends have been really good about it too, my best friend from childhood is really struggling though - think she is taking it personally when really she is the main reason I was torn between staying and going. It's really hard because you don't want to hurt people but we have to for what's best for us.

    Sounds like you both have your head screwed on relating to work, it would be really cool to get a job working with animals out there. We keep reading that people can't believe how much better it is out there so it's hard not to have high expectations.

    Want to add me on facebook? It would make sense to stay in touch and share experiences and concerns / excitements?!
    Message me for my details

    speak soon xx
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  11. toomanykids

    toomanykids Guest

    Hi Kate and Sarah,

    My husband,children and I are looking at moving too, when I have qualified as a social worker. My hubby is a chef so he has a sought after career too.
    We have been looking at both Adelaide and Brisbane but are leaning more towards Brisbane.

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