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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by vw_family, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. vw_family

    vw_family Guest

    Hi all, first post on here so appologies in advance if I'm asking a question which has been asked a million times before...

    My (future) husband and I will be moving out to Brisbane in June (following our wedding in May, stress levels are pretty high at the moment!). I have been offered an amazing job in Padington but don't know where to start looking for all!

    I currently spend 3 hours commuting in the UK a day and obviously don't want to any more so looking to be within an hour of the office. We are young-ish (late 20's and mid-30's), enjoy the outside life but don't want to be a million miles from the action.

    Can anyone suggest any areas that would satisfy our needs??



    (9 weeks to go, ekkk!)

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Welcome to BIB,

    Sorry i can't help with the best places to live in that area. but I am sure someone will soon be on to help with suggestions.
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya and welcome to BIB.

    With the commute time you are willing to do there are ALOT of suburbs that you could settle in. It will depend on what you all as a family want. If you wanted open space and a peaceful surronds then take a look out towards Ferny Grove and Samford, both lovely areas with all ammenities including a train line nearby.
    If you wanted to smell the sea then Wynum isnt to far away, no sandy beaches as such(you would have to go Gold Coast or Sunny Coast for proper beaches)but the promenade is nice and again its not far from anything.

    As you would be working inner city the traffic in and out can get quite bad, the cost of parking is also quite expensive in the city so you may want to look at suburbs near a railway line or on the river then you catch the sea cat/ river ferry.

    There really arent too many ''to avoid'' areas out here, so you have a massive choice ahead of you. Try ooking at Real Estate | Homes for Sale | Houses for Sale | MLS Listings | Real Estate Agents - for a guide to rental and purchasing prices ,this might help you narrow down your choice.

    Good Luck with the search, finding an area is a tough job because there are soooo many nice places,lol.

    Cal x
  4. Ozmaniac

    Ozmaniac Guest

    You could do a lot worse than live in Paddington itself. It's an up market inner Brisbane suburb (walking distance to the city) with heaps of rental accommodation and great restaurants, cafes, a lively pub and boutique shopping. Buying there will be pretty expensive but if you can afford it, the housing there has a unique Brisbane style with soooo much character and is far better for our climate than most of the housing you'll find in the outer suburbs. Paddo is close to the Inner City Bypass which will get you out of town to the north and south coasts without too much city traffic. I have friends living there who are in your age group and they wouldn't dream of living anywhere else.

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