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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Verity and Kevin, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Am hoping to move to Australia in the future and am currently going through the skill and visa requirements. My first dilema is which state would be best for primary teaching jobs? I am looking at either Adelaide or Queensland - Brisbane maybe......although any advice on other places would be appreciated. Not really sure about availability of vacancies and the lifestyle within each state. Can anyone help?


  2. Stella

    Stella Guest

    We've been in Queensland for about 5 weeks now and love it :lol: We went some way into New South Wales with the intention of going down as far as Sydney but horror stories of cost of living and house prices (as well as hubby getting a job on Gold Coast) brought us back up to QLD. People are very friendly, I really like Brisbane as it still has friendly feeling for a large city, house prices are rising but more affordable than Sydney prices (from what we saw anyway). A colleague of Nicks said you'd be better off living in London than Sydney if comparing cost of living etc. And the weather is better in Queensland!
    Obviously I do have a very limited view in comparison to the size of Australia as to the best place to live and I have heard other forums really slate Queensland in favour of Melbourne / Perth etc. It really depends on what sort of life you're after and where you fit in - square pegs ... round holes and all that!
    Are you able to take time to travel round when you get here before you decide? It really helped us to do this although to be honest you could travel round Australia the rest of your life as there is so much to see!
    Good luck with the visa!

    Oops forgot to say, I'm a primary teacher too and the registration is different in each state, relief teaching is supposed to be a good way in and some states do require a conversion certificate even with the skills assessment!

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