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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by Pabloke99, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Pabloke99

    Pabloke99 Guest

    We plan to settle in Redcliffe, or within a few miles, when we arrive next week. It's a strange decision because we haven't actually been there. I've heard that the fishing is good, but it is obviously not much of a surfing destination as it is in the shelter of Moreton Bay.

    Does this therefore mean that Redcliffe is more of a retirement place, an Oz version of Seaton or Babbacombe perhaps?

    I'd be interested in your views.


  2. ck10_9

    ck10_9 The Photo Guy!

    I could write a 1000 words and it wouldn't really describe so here are some pictures!!




  3. ck10_9

    ck10_9 The Photo Guy!

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  4. ck10_9

    ck10_9 The Photo Guy!

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  5. Pabloke99

    Pabloke99 Guest

    Not too shabby

    I've certainly seen worse places. I'll have to brush the dust off my budgie smugglers in preparation
  6. GeeGriff

    GeeGriff New Member

    hi Pabloke99, let us know when you arrive we have been living in Redcliffe for 2 months now and lovin it. So if you need any help just ask.

    Liz & Sean Griffiths :smile:

  7. jul_ian

    jul_ian Guest

    Im generally just a visitor on this extremely informative site (hoping to come over to Brisbane for a rekkie in January/Feb 09) but Im pig sick of these stupid comments (Ropiiol765 and others) that keep popping up. Cant anybody ban them from this great site as they are ridiculous as is the grammar! (Whats World of Warcraft Power Levelling - or am I missing something????)
  8. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    we do delete them as soon as possible ,it is impossible to stop all trolls from accessing the board, we have blocked at least 4 trolls this last week ,it dosnt help that they usually appear when im in Bed getting my beauty sleep !!lol
    Cal x
  9. Brian

    Brian Guest

    [​IMG] Ive been here too long hahahhahahahah
  10. Naomi

    Naomi Guest

    I love Redcliffe and Im moving up the road to Morayfield June 2010 and cant wait. Anyone interested in meeting up me and my other half would love to find new friends in the area. Naomi And David
  11. PproeH

    PproeH Guest

    Not sure how many people are around Morayfield sure there'll be some I'm a few miles away.
  12. Naomi

    Naomi Guest

    I know some in Morayfield and Caboolture but fingers crossed ill meet many more in the coming years
  13. PproeH

    PproeH Guest

    It can take a while to make friends the equivilant of your English friends but it will happen the more people you meet.

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