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Discussion in 'Money & Finance' started by mizon, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. mizon

    mizon Guest

    Hi There... We are currently in the visa (457) process, my husband has been offered a job which he has accepted.. The rate of pay is $120,000 +9%sa plus co. car and extra benefits.. this to me sounds a very good wage but with the cost of living, health care insurance, school fees etc what sort of lifestyle could be excpected on this salary?? any advise would be greatly appreciated :smile:

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  3. Sian1430

    Sian1430 Guest

    Hi Mizon,

    My husband and I are in an identical situation and he has been offered the exact same salary package, I'll keep an eye on the replies!

    Sian x
  4. mizon

    mizon Guest

    Its not in Rockhampton by any chance is it Sian??

    Zoe x
  5. Sian1430

    Sian1430 Guest

    No he's starting off in Fortitude Valley for a few months then doing FIFO work all over QLD x
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Its double what alot of folk earn so i wouldnt be worrying too much. As a family of 4 we survived for a couple of years on less than half that, albeit we didnt have to have private healthcare and had access to Medicare.

    Cal x
  7. Queenie

    Queenie New Member

    Hi Girls,

    That's my hubbys wage and at the moment I don't work, we started off in Sydney and couldn't survive on it, however, since moving to Brisbane it's much better as there are no school fees here and the rentals are half the price. We pay a small amount of school fees (1200 pa) as our son is at a Catholic school, We also pay for 2 days child care for our youngest at $67 per day as there is no free pre-school here. We are still paying for our car but manage fine on the 1 wage although I am looking for work, this is more because our youngest starts school in Jan and I've been out of work since his birth more than the financial aspect.

    Furniture, bedding etc is expensive here so I'd advise you to bring over as much as you can. Otherwise, look forward to a wonderful new life in the best place on earth.

    Good luck with everything.
  8. mizon

    mizon Guest

    Ahh thanks every1, I've been worrying with me not knowing what to expect!

    Our plan was to rent out our house here in the uk furnished as that will pay our mortgage and then we don't have to have a container (well apart from hubbys tools, little ones toys n sentimental things) but was hoping to get something out there either furnished or if not get whatever we can to put us on from Gumtree..

    Also has any1 moved with a bad credit rating... I used to be terrible years ago and ran up quite a bit of debt that I'm still paying now but I'm worried that the defaults r going to be a problem during the visa application :( x
  9. Kristine

    Kristine Guest

    Wages are more important to come up a good defaults in making a best knowledge for a business.
  10. Mickeymolly

    Mickeymolly Guest

    I am sure you will be fine, its almost double the average wage and with a car as well :)
    We survive on less than that with 6 of us, sure you will be fine.

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