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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by WelshDebzs, May 6, 2008.

  1. WelshDebzs

    WelshDebzs Guest

    Having a bad day today going through the what if...........

    will it be better, what am I doing to my mum and dad, what happens if we cant find jobs
    are we doing the right thing arggh

    feeling quite down the min is this normal am I to old to make this kind of life change esp if it goes wrong are we going to be on our own etc

    did any of you guys go through this????


  2. Kate

    Kate Guest

    Hi Debzs,
    I go through the same feelings as you all the time, especially the bit about leaving your parents. I think it is normal to feel this way and there would be something wrong if you didn't have doubts. It is just probably a bad patch and next week you will be thinking you can't wait to get there!
    How long is it 'till you go?
  3. WelshDebzs

    WelshDebzs Guest

    Hi Kate

    Thxs for your reply I am relieved its been such a whirlwind now we have to sit and wait another thing is we have a family holiday in June which my mum and dad paid for as it what my mum wanted for her 60th birthday....

    We are hopefully setting out next Mar subject to house selling OH has been accepted to the Tafe in Acacia Ridge

    I suffer from poast traumatic strees syndrom and still having treatment and also OH got made redundant so is looking for a job here which has put a bit of pressure on us

    I guess its just a knock on effect really glad I'm not the only one:wub:

    Where are you heading and when??

  4. Kate

    Kate Guest

    Hi debzs,
    We are hoping to be in Brisbane by September. We have to be in Oz by Jan 14th to validate the visas, so hoping we can sell before then. We have dropped the price again this week so we will have to see if that helps.
    Hope you are feeling a bit better about it all.
    Kate x
  5. WelshDebzs

    WelshDebzs Guest

    Hi Kate

    Thxs yep feeling much better now going to enjoy holiday with mum and dad and then start the ball rolling:biggrin:

    Hope everything goes ok with the house

  6. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    Hi Debzs.Just wanted to say i go through them feelings too.Do i stay where family and friends know me or do i leave and try and live a better life.You need to remember why you even thought about going and stay positive.I havent found a job yet either ,but am sure i will.If your willing to make the effort to make friends and give it time then im sure it will work out.Thats what i say to myself anyway.Hope it was just a bad day and you feel better know.Keep in touch Debs.x

    Migration assessment for nursing recieved 27/06/07
    Skilled migration assessment application sent 07/07/07
    Medicals sent 11/01/08
    still awaiting visa !! arrrgh
  7. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Everyone of us have been there, seen it, done it and could potentially write the book on it!

    It is hard, it will be teary and horrible! There I have said it!! There is no way round it Im afraid!

    I have been here over three years and love every minute of it. Before we left we had lots of little goodbyes so we could give everyone that quality time. Plus we had a HUGE sunday lunch with OH family in Yorkshire and then the last weekend was spent at my parents. Those last few days always feel like you are treading on eggshells as you all know what is coming!

    I was lucky as I left knowing that I would see my parents out here pretty soon on a visit and also to live. They are getting their CPV in July. However I cried all the way down the M11!!!!! My Dad sent me a beautiful email which I still have printed , to say how proud he was of me and how he knew that I`d do well. I was ok at the airport until I read that and then I bawled my way thru departures!

    Spend as MUCH time with loved ones as you can! Enjoy that time and involve them in all your decisions as that does help a little!

    You have to do what is best for you. Families do understand that although at times they never seem too!!! You have to live your life for you!

    Also doubts are normal! Follow your heart and as they say "go with the flow!".
  8. kama

    kama Guest


    It is natural to feel the way you do. I have been an expat for 27 years and still struggle a little when I move to another country. It is important to see the whole thing as an adventure, explore your new place and discover new people. Remember you can always change your mind if you really dislike it, just because you have made one choice it doesn't mean that you can't make another.
    I also recommend keeping a journal of all your thoughts and feelings at this time, that way you can look back and see that things were not as bad as you feared so perhaps the next things wont be either.

    The other thing is you are never on your own, there are many many others here in the same situation who will need a good friend like yourself. So lots of opportunity to meet others.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better today

  9. I really feel for you lot that have so many issues and problems in making your way down to oz....
    Those of me..born and bred here..have no idea of the problems that come up for you's not just buying a ticket anymore and jumping on a plane or a ship....

    we've just managed to move 2 states a few years back..and that was pretty involved on its own..I do wish you all the best in your ventures and hope that all your future dreams come true..

    and if your already here, don't despair...australia is a beautiful country, there may be a few hardships..but stick with it...

    just a little ozzy bloke:cool: from queensland oz..

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