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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kama, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. kama

    kama Guest

    Hi All

    Just wondering what people enjoy about Australia?

    I Love the topical climate, the tropical fruits, the sea, and the open honest wacky sense of humour.

    Have a fun day!!!


  2. UK_OK

    UK_OK Guest

    Wacky sense of humour? Must of missed that one.
    List of good Australian stuff for me:
    1. Excellent bakeries/pies
    2. Good seafood
    3. The Brissy winter/spring/autumn
    4. Lots of opportunites to swim, run, cycle, triathlon....
    5. BYO and take home your leftovers in restaurants
    6. Melbourne & Sydney
    7. Spectacular coastal stuff like Barrier reef and Fraser Island
    8. The Comical standard of driving/parking (you have to laugh otherwise you'd cry)
  3. kama

    kama Guest


    Now I am curious as to where you live?

    I am on The Sunshine Coast where people are quite relaxed......

    I find Brisbane stressful.... and I also enjoy Sydney and Melbourne
  4. UK_OK

    UK_OK Guest

    Hi Kama, I live in Brisbane, fairly central. I don't find it stressful, the city's a pretty laid back place as far I can tell, though if I had a big commute by car or bus then maybe I'd change my view! would be nice to live on the sea front somewhere in the Sunshine Coast (def not Gold Coast) but my job's here.
    I think a lot of Aussies are laid back, or do their best to appear that way. That isn't always a good thing though...
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I enjoy the outdoor lifestlye we are able to lead over here and the oppurtunity it hasgiven my family to spend more time together doing 'family' things, im also with uk-ok about driving, lol, it is comical and i totally agree about the laugh or cry bit,lol.
    Cal x

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