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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Rachyj, May 31, 2012.

  1. Rachyj

    Rachyj Guest

    We emigrated to Brisbane just over two years ago, and I am now starting to look for my first job here after having my little girl here last year. My career background is in travel, but after looking around various travel recruitment companies, it is unlikely I am going to find a job to fit in with my family's needs-part time and no weekend work, so I have decided to use this opportunity to have a complete career change!
    Anyway, after reviewing the job search engine site's, there does seem to be quite a big demand for medical receptionists/admin people, so I am looking at the best route to enter this field. Whilst searching I came across the Wesley Medical Receptionist/admin course based at the Mater, and this course boasts to get you 'job ready', and help you gain employment-helping prepare your CV etc....
    It all sounds very appealing, so I was wondering if anybody on here has completed this course, and what they though of it? I dont want to pay out for something if it doesnt really appeal to employers when I come to look for jobs?

    Any feedback would be appreciated
    Rach x

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