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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by Aidy, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Aidy

    Aidy Guest

    Bit of a long shot, but wondered if anybody out there has ever been to a wedding (or had their own wedding) at either Arundel Hills Country Club or the Glades Golf Club (both on the Gold Coast)?

    We are considering having our reception at one of these venues so I'd love to hear your experience if you have been to either.

    Many thanks

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Sorry i havnt been to either, i did to go a works do last year at the Royal Pines on the Gold Coast and it was beautiful, fod was fantastic too. Is there no weddings planned before yours that you could pop up discreetly for a nosey,lol?
    Cal x
  3. Aidy

    Aidy Guest

    We took a look at the Royal Pines at the weekend. We thought that the hotel exterior and driveway were both really tired looking (was probably beautiful in its day), and it did not appeal to either of us. Probably just as well as it is quite a top dollar venue! Also, there was a wedding going on at the time in their convention centre (interior looked nice) but it had a full glass front and everybody that passed (including us out for a nosey!) could see in, and everything that was going on!!

    When we visited Arundel Hills a wedding was about to begin and they kindly showed us the interior of the ballroom, made up and ready for the guests. It looked great but we were mainly wondering about what the food is like. The thought of paying lots of money and not actually knowing what the food is like, and what other peoples experience of a wedding there has been, is a bit scary!!

    The Glades was nice also, but once again, we do not know anybody who has been to a wedding there (or got married there) recently....
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    LOL, it was an evening work do so was dark when i arrived, i know the inside looked lovely. Keep your eye on the local papers and watch in the 'wedding announcemnet' section to see where they have their receptions.
    Cal x

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