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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by the scottish smiths, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    hi everyone

    We are the smiths from Scotland, Gordon (32), Lisa (26) and Rebecca (4) are in the process of heading over to OZ and have identified the gold coast and the sunshine coast as our main choices. i am currently waiting on word back from AHPRA about my nursing registration (I’m a mental health nurse) and then it should be as simple as finding a job, applying for the 457 visa and handing in my notice. House sold just before Christmas and we move out in March so there is nothing holding us back now. Currently in the process of selling off our excess stuff. i am not planning in bring much with us, perhaps just odds and ends, i intend to get things like furniture from Gumtree or eBay until we get settled in and can afford new stuff. any tips and advice would be welcome so please fire away.


  2. srp

    srp No longer active member


    Welcome to LIQ,

    You will find that Ebay is not as busy as the UK EBay, The population here is a lot smaller than UK.

    There are a couple of Furniture shops that do special packages if you want to fill a house..

    Fantastic Furniture look to see what packages they have on offer, it does vary from month to month.

    Super Amart They also do household packages.

    You will also find the Charity shops (Called Op shops here) have a lot of good quality furniture and quite often new stuff. Not like the charity shops you are used to in the UK.
  3. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    thanks colin, any area in the gold or sunshine coast that you would recomend for a young family

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