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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by snowyhaze, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. snowyhaze

    snowyhaze New Member

    Don't suppose anyone knows if there are any tv channels that show the live UFC events do you? Or maybe any pubs that air the events?

    We really enjoy watching our UFC Events, and didn't know if you could see it in Australia?

  2. Amne5iac

    Amne5iac Guest


    I am also a big fan of the ufc and i have been told by friends at work in oz if you get foxtel like sky in the uk they show it on that.
  3. ck10_9

    ck10_9 The Photo Guy!

    Can confirm I have seen the show on foxtel - Can't say if it was live or not tho
  4. crystalmad

    crystalmad Guest


    If you download myp2p on your computer go to others (as it shows all sports) scroll down and you will see ufc you also get this free
  5. Hiya

    Im pretty sure SBS - the free goverment channel do or maybe google Austar and Foxtel. They are really helpful or were with me when I was making the DVDs

    Tessa x

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