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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by milesfamily, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. milesfamily

    milesfamily Guest

    Hi I am a Wall and Floor Tiler in the UK and am trying to emigrate. I would really like to know what the current work situation is. My trade is listed on the critical list but I'm having difficulty in finding job vacancy adverts.:confused:
    Any help or advice would be great
    Jason miles:biggrin:
  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Hi Jason

    Have you been looking on the seek website for work at all?


  3. milesfamily

    milesfamily Guest

    Thanks Rudi I shall have a look at that site.
    Jason and Andrea
  4. Kaz&Ian

    Kaz&Ian New Member

    Hi Jason
    We know how you feel we tried to get out on my husbands skill but every time we got to having the correct points they changed the goal posts. we got out on my skill and was employed on a 457 visa with my old company from the UK but tried to get sponsorship with tiling firms but they are not interested they only want to employ you on an abn number so basically you will be self employed but cant work for yourself unless you have a BSA licence for QLD at great cost $400 approx and you have to provide references etc a real nightmare. We have just lodged for permanent residency on my husbands skill but things changed there and we lost points again but just had enough because he got 10 points as he was working in Oz in his skill In June the skills list will change again and alot of jobs taken off so if you havent got your papers in DO IT NOW Job wise is a bit hit and miss but they are looking for tilers but their are not as many jobs advertised now like before in brisbane but other states look better.
    Hope this helps


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