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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by Jane & Mark, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Jane & Mark

    Jane & Mark Guest

    Hello everyone. We are a family of four (hubby, me and two boys, age 10 & 12) and we're looking at moving to Australia in January 2011. I have a million and one questions but first of all I wondered if anyone could help with our Visa Applications. We have contacted an Australian agency who is going to send us some information and we will probably apply for a 175 skilled visa with Mark taking the lead application as he is an engineer (CNC machinist). The very helpful lady has given me some budget costs for the visa which they would handle on our behalf. Does anyone know if it is better to use an Australian agent or a UK agent as I assume the UK agent is cheaper but I've not checked it out yet? Any advice/help would be very much appreciated. Best wishes, Jane & Mark.:wub:

  2. john&kayj

    john&kayj Guest

    we used an agent in Edinburgh called visa-go ,they have been spot on ,good luck ,john&kay.
  3. Jane & Mark

    Jane & Mark Guest

    Thanks John&Kayj, if you don't mind, would you be happy to let me know how much it costs. Initial discussions with an agent today in Australia has said it will cost about 6300 AUD. Does that sound about right. Obviously only got one yet so far. Thanks in advance. Jane & Mark.
  4. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    I am not sure whether it's better to use a british based agent or an Aussie one, however make sure they are registered with the relevant overseeing body. Also, just from a practical point of view I would say a UK based agent might be easier to work with, just because you are on the same time and if you need to contact them it's going to be easier. Also, have you looked into doing it without an agent?

    Good luck, if you need any more info, please shout!


  5. Hi there Jane & Mark,

    Personally speaking i would consider Rudi's idea and go without an agent........We started the process last October and were granted our 175 in August this year.......A friend of mine also going out on a 175 started in July last year,with the use of an agent and has still not been granted his visa.........He is under the impression that his agent messed him and his wife around alot early on in the visa application process...

    I'm sure that not all agents are like that but if your not planning on getting over there till 2011 and with a little bit of research using forums like this you would save a fair bit of money going without one............

    We've booked our flights now and leave for our new life in June next year...........

    Good luck and just remember there is no thing as a stupid question............

    Gareth, Andrea, Katie & Holly..............
  6. Jane & Mark

    Jane & Mark Guest

    Thanks Gareth & Andrea, will certainly be looking into using a UK agent and what the process is for doing it ourselves. I have so many questions .... I've spent hrs and hrs on the internet so far and I'm sure there's more to come. Congrats on your visa and good luck in June (I'm sure you'll have lots to do before then). Best wishes, Jane & Mark

  7. Jane & Mark

    Jane & Mark Guest

    Thanks Rudi, will certainly be looking at all options. The agent I have found is certainly contactable but the time difference is a pain. I only spoke to them this morning so I'll see if I get an email tomorrow with the information they said they would send. Thanks again and I'm sure I will be in touch again soon as I have a million and one questions. Best wishes. Jane & Mark.
  8. Millo

    Millo Guest

    Hiya Jane and Mark

    If your application is straight forward then I would say to have a go yourself. We used a London based company for ours and I think he was a waste of money. We had to do most of the work ourselves and found out more from expats websites.

    If you arent confident to do it yourself then a few of the good ones are George Lombard and Go Matilda.

    Good luck

    Joe xxx
  9. Jane & Mark

    Jane & Mark Guest

    Hi Joe, Thanks for the recommendation. We will check them out as the one from Australia didn't get back to us yesterday which I was surprised about.

    Glad you have all settled in OK, I hear Millo is very busy. Mandy, Ant and Hayleigh are so excited about coming over in October. They are on countdown.

    Hopefully see you soon. We plan to come over for a visit in March 2010 to check out as much as we can.

    Take care,
    Best wishes
    Jane & Mark

  10. Millo

    Millo Guest


    Yes hes busy and enjoying it. We cant wait either.

    If we can help in any way let us know, catch you on FB :wink:


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