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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by ftmummy, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. ftmummy

    ftmummy Guest

    Hi all so as its stands we are currently waiting to see if we are eligiable for visas (not gonna be a problem though) then we have a job contract following this assessment but it is based in Rockhampton and we were kinda set on Mackay so am now a bit wobbley as had not previously done any research on this area, after looking at it there are mixed review some good some bad, plus i have read a lot about bush fires and floods so am a little apprehensive! has anyone been there or do u live there???? what do you think???

  2. mizon

    mizon Guest

    Hey there.. I was going to post the exact same!! My husband has been offered a job with MEM on the mines, the company is based in Rockhampton and everytime i google it all I get is about floods... Were moving out on a 457 Visa in the next few months but I will be a stay at home mum to our 20mth daughter Reality shock after having my own business the past 5 years) so really needing to know what is out there for us as he will be working 7 days away and then 7 days off :(( x
  3. damal

    damal Guest


    Snap! My Hubbie has been offered a job with MEM based in Rockhampton too. We are just starting the visa process. We have been looking at areas nearer the coast to live (he'll eventually be field based) cost of property to rent and schools for our 5yr old daughter. Any advice gratefully received. :wacko:
  4. mizon

    mizon Guest

    Hi Damal,

    How are you doing with your Visa? Were just in the process of getting our written references and arranging the healthcare, Soooooo confusing!!! Nice to know someone else will be moving near us! Our hubbies should be working together :) we may need to meet up for coffee and do a little exploring!! We have a 21 month old little girl so hopefully will be more aware of the schools when the time comes for her to start :)

    Where abouts in the UK are you from? Were from South Yorkshire

    Zoe x
  5. damal

    damal Guest

    Hi Zoe

    We are battling through the forms and have asked 'Working in' loads of questions, as you say it is very confusing and time consuming. It would be great to get together. My hubby was wondering what yours does at the moment?

    We currently live in not so sunny Bournemouth in Dorset.

    Dee. x
  6. mizon

    mizon Guest

    Hi Dee, iv pm'd u rather that take up all the thread lol, I'm sure we have loads we could chat about lol x
  7. sadiesmum

    sadiesmum Guest

    Hi All

    We too are moving to Rockhampton at the end of September. We have applied for our 457 visas and are just waiting now!

    I have done a lot of research into the area, and we also have friends living there, so I know a bit about the area already. The area is prone to flooding but areas such as Norman Gardens, The Range and Wandal are generall safe. (If you look at houses on the real estate websites the street view gives you an idea of how hilly these areas are).

    Childcare and activities appears to be really good with lots of choice, ive taken virtual tours of the area on google earth and the centre of rocky looks quaint in parts. The only bad thing Ive heard is about how hot it gets there in the summer.

    Im pleased to hear that there will be a fair share of "Pom" there though, I will be seeking you out!
  8. mizon

    mizon Guest

    We'll all av to get together for coffee and go exploring.. Desperate pomwives lol! How old are your children sadiesmum? x
  9. sadiesmum

    sadiesmum Guest

    Hi Mizon

    Ive only got one, my daughter is 3 going on 13! Dreading with flight with her! :err:
  10. mizon

    mizon Guest

    My daughter is 20 month... Absolute diva lol!! We go to Mexico a week on tuesday so I've got a taster on the 10 1/2 he flight lol

    Zoe x
  11. vixxy666

    vixxy666 Guest

    I move there tomorrow and my oh has been there 2 months very positive so if anyone needs any info or wants to meet up pm me
  12. mizon

    mizon Guest

    I'd love to meet up love.. We move around September, need to make some friends :( xxx
  13. JenKnow

    JenKnow Guest

    hi everyone
    myslef and my husband are moving to rocky / yeppon in may and just wondering what its like, heard bad and good stuff, were are both 30 and have a dog we just want the outdoor lifestyle
    is rocky and yeppoon safe ( we currently lie in suffolk) very safe quiet etc
    is there many poms there ?
    any advice help would be great
    we have vistied townsville and mackay and loved them both but never visited rocky?
  14. vixxy666

    vixxy666 Guest

    Hey Jenknow Rockys a nice place mainly lots of places to eat, very fast food orientated which isn't a great thing! A few nice pubs and some nice parks and gardens and a little zoo. Yeppoon and the surrounding beach towns are nice lovely beaches yeeppoon has a good and bad rep as does rocky for certain areas so ask real estate. Lots of beaches are dog friendly we take our pup there most weekends. There a quite a lot of poms here happy to introduce you. It feels like a bit of a migrant town not all people don't want to settle here. If you need any help just let me know :) we enjoy living here and have made some amazing friends just throw yourself into everything and you'll meet people. Best of luck :) it's very hot in summer up to 40 plus humidity and can flood badly. And can be very dry little or no rain for months but you so get used to it but to be fair the ozzies moan too lol
  15. JenKnow

    JenKnow Guest

    Hi Vixxy666 thank you so much for getting back to me! really nice to hear from other people living there! Did you move over from the UK? Were really excited to move over but really nervous because although we have visited townsville and mackay we haven't ever been to rocky! We have done a lot of you tube and google street view though and it does look the same - where abouts do you live?? All we seem to get up when we google is the terrible floods of rocky, just a little concerned about that - is it something that happens a lot or was it just a really bad one off? Sorry for all the questions ! Were really excited! Can you recommend any good suburbs to live in yeppoon, we have also been looking at emu park is this a good place?? :):):)
  16. JEGW

    JEGW Guest

    Hi jenknow, I would agree that there are nice areas and definitely some to avoid. I moved here from south australia and it's quite a contrast. The weather is warm and the humidity makes it feel warmer but having lived in Scotland I still love it! I am told that in summer rocky itself can get stifling because it is in a big bowl with mountains around and the air doesn't glow, but that at emu park and yeppoon it's different again with the sea breeze. Air conditioning is a godsend here!
    I,m up here renting until my family arrives and found a great landlady on . I would suggest you rent somewhere to give you chance to get used to the areas before you settle on anywhere. I,m still doing lots of exploring and homework on the place as it's still my first week so if I can help, let me know.
    All the best. Jane.

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