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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by nicmeg, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. nicmeg

    nicmeg Guest

    Hi all, my husband and I plus 3 children are moving to Brisbane in just over a week, we are very excited about the move. I just have a few questions about schooling and me working as a nurse.
    Could somebody explain the schooling system. ie ages for what and cut of dates. My daughter is 5 and turn 6 in October. She has completed her first year of school in N Ireland but an unsure as to what she will start with when we arrive, is it kindergarten or school. I also have a 3 year old and 2 year old.

    Also we are move on a my husbands sponsorship 457 visa, I am a nurse but moving on my husbands visa I have had a medical for the visa as I stated I did intend to work as a nusre. Could somebody advice on what I need to do once we land as I know I will need to register over there but dont know a huge ammount as only really just made my mind up that I would def wanted to continue to nurse.
    Look forward to hearing from you,x
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  2. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Hi nicmeg,

    Found this on a Qld primary school website and thought it would help:

    When Can My Child Start Prep?

    • Children must turn 5 before 30 June in the year they start Prep to be eligible.
    • If a parent/carer thinks their child may not be ready to start Year 1 in the year they turn 6 years by 30 June, the parent should discuss their child’s needs with the school principal. Where a child will turn the compulsory school age during the calendar year, parents/carers can enrol in either the Preparatory Year or Year 1 giving consideration to the child’s aptitude and ability, social and emotional competence and physical development.
    • If a child has already turned the compulsory school age on or before the beginning of the school year and has not previously been enrolled in the Preparatory Year, parents/carers should discuss placement options with the school principal.
    • In determining the most appropriate year level placement for the child consideration should be given to the child’s aptitude and ability, social and emotional competence and physical development.
    • Early entry to prep is only allowed for children on transfer from interstate or overseas and who have been enrolled in a similar pre-Year 1 program.
  3. nicmeg

    nicmeg Guest

    Hi Thank you for the reply. As soon as we move into our perm address I am going to visits some schools and see how we get on. Your help is much appreciated many thanks. I think I ahve probably just been very laid about it as she has completed one year already and so am not to worried about the hurry to get her into school although getting her settled is a must once we arrived.
  4. simott101

    simott101 New Member

    Hi nicmeg,
    live just been reading your post and I take it that by now you are over in Oz?
    We are in the process of moving to Brisbane, my wife is also a Staff Nurse and we have 2 kiddies aged 12 & 8. So it would be good to hear how you've found things over there? (schools/work)
    Look forward to hearing from you and hope you are all having a fantastic time!!!!! Si & Ange. X
  5. Another word about schools: when you find a school that you like, make sure you get a home in the "catchment area" for that school or you won't be allowed to enrol your child there.

    Good luck and welcome!

  6. nicmeg

    nicmeg Guest

    Hi Si and Ange yes we have been here for just over 24 hours now. It took us that long to adjust our body clocks and sleep after the long journey. We also had the fliet where we arrived in the morning which is better. We are just finding our feet over the next few days but will be in touch soon. Nichola,x
  7. simott101

    simott101 New Member

    Thanks Nic, we look forward to hearing from you. X
  8. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Just further to this...strict catchment control only applies to in-demand can look up the schools it applies to here:
  9. nicmeg

    nicmeg Guest

    Thank you, much appreciated. We have been out today looking at possible houses in springfield lakes, stretton, parkinson and calmavale so hopefully once we have decieded then we can apply for schools. I am going to look into the schools for that area later today but if you know of them let me know what you think about them. Many Thanks
  10. Markanstis

    Markanstis Guest

    Hi, we are moving to Brisbane next year and will be south side, hopefully calamvale. My sister lives there and her girl goes to calamvale school and both my sister and her girl love it, we will send our little ones there if we are in the area. My wife and I love the Parkinson and calamvale area. We are currently in New Zealand and hope to be in Aus late next year with our girl Kaitlyn 5, and boys Corbyn 3 and Harrison 2

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