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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by srp, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. srp

    srp No longer active member

    I have been sitting here pondering (yes it is legal here), There are a lot of new members to the site who will be wondering what it is like here and what they need to know to help them settle in to Australia or help them on their journey to get a visa. So I have started this thread for members to offer tips and hints on the various aspects of moving, living and making a success of the move to Australia. I am sure a lot of members will have plenty of tips for prospective and newly arrived migrants.

    So let’s see if we can get a list of useful stuff to know.....

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    I suppose I better start the thread off...

    It can feel cold here in the winter; bring cardigans and warmer clothing with you.
    Bedding can be expensive here (Australian's call it "Manchester") if you can bring some with you then bring it.

    If you fly over on an A380 I found the upper deck quieter and less crowded.

    When you are arriving you will be given a customs card to fill in on the plane. Declare any food or medications you have with you. It is an offence not to declare food or drugs, there is no problem with prescription medication but you must declare them.

    I would suggest renting for 6 months in an area before you decide to buy, get to know the area and see if it is for you.

    When applying for jobs include a "cover letter", Australian employers like to read a cover letter to see if you could be what they are after. Then decide to read your CV.

    Expect a roller coaster of emotions as you settle into your new home, everything from elation to utter sadness as you adjust to the new environment.

    The doctors here do not require your medical life history, if you have an ongoing medical condition that requires treatment them see if your doctor/consultant will give you a letter explaining about your condition and bring your medications, the doctors here will send you for tests if they need to know more.

    Dentists do not need any history; they will look in your mouth to find out what they want.

    Bring your children’s vaccination record with you, the doctor will need it to get them up to date with vaccinations and the schools will want to see it.

    I am sure others will add to this list.
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  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Oh Yes, a couple of other things....

    Tax file number, if you are to pay tax here you will have to register for a tax file number (TFN), this can be done online, they say allow 4 weeks for it to arrive, mine took about 7 days.

    Medicare..... to register with Medicare visit one of the local offices with your passport, they recommend allowing about 10 days to do this after arrival, this gives immigration time to update the computers.

    Centerlink... when you register with Centerlink remember it is a government department and if you get everything sorted on your fist visit you have done well.
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Good Thread Colin ,,,,

    1- When you are accepted for a rental, you must complete the property inspection with a fine tooth comb. If there are marks on a wall, write how many marks,, where possible film the property or take pictures prior to moving your furniture in.

    2- If you are bringing a pet, they have to be registered with your local council (most state within 28 days)

    3- Qld have a bank holiday for the Queens Birthday.

    4- It is illegal to keep a rabbit as a pet in QLD.

    5- Your wheelie bin HAS to face the road , handles towards the inside or the truck cant pick it up and it wont be emptied.

    6 - No matter how much sunscreen you apply ,if you are out in the sun for a few hours without sleeves or a hat ,you will burn!

    7- When in a rental you only pay for electric and contents insurance unless you choose to have a phone and internet. All other bills are paid by the landlord. ( some however will charge for excess water useage)

    Cal x
  5. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Buy petrol on its 'cheap' days, usually a wednesday or thursday near me. Most petrol stations have a cheap day, buy when its cheaper, dont wait for the tank to be empty. It can make a big differance in price.
  6. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Don't forget to regularly check your shoes for the ol' redbacks!! I always make sure I give any shoes or clothes in general a darn good shake before I put them on just to be on the safe side!! Better to be safe than sorry (sorry to all arachnophobics out there!!)

    Coffee Club and the following others are awesome and must be tried (if you haven't done so yet):
    - Hungry Jacks (yeah I know it's Burger King for the benefit of poms, just with a diff name!)
    - Hog's Breath (the one in Surfers Paradise is awesome!)
    - KFC (cos tis much nicer than British KFC)
    - Bundaberg Peachee
    - Bundaberg Red and Cola (tins or bottles it matters not!)
    - Raspberry Fanta
    - The Fanta that uses the darker "red" orange (the "normal" orange Fanta in Aus I find to be not as nice as it is in the UK!)
    - Tim tams (the original milk chocolate ones)

    Stuff to avoid:
    - Red Rooster = uck! Sorry to anyone who likes it but I think it's pants.
    - Rent-A-Bomb on the Gold Coast (unless you want a early 90s Toyota at a high price with no air conditioning whose doors break as soon as you shut them so you get stuck in it and feels like the transmission's about to drop!)
    - Telstra cos they're expensive! Say 'yes' optus AND they WILL ask you for ID (passport!) if you're looking to buy a SIM pack I have found!! I didn't bother in the end and ended up roaming on a visit at a cost of £50 for 10 days!

    Let's keep it rolling...
  7. lisa&joh

    lisa&joh Guest

    Hi Both, just came across your blog and site, my hubby is an ozzy and we will be moving to brisbane towards the end of 2011. I found your site interesting, its always good to get someone else's ideas.

    thanks Lisa
  8. 1784gem

    1784gem Guest

    Me and my friend are planning to go on a holiday visa to work over there just wonderin wot we need to get a visa and a job kinda straight away.. as we r stayin wit a mate for our first couple of weeks but we obviiously want to rent.. we are going to queensland on the coast"

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