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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by crystal64, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. crystal64

    crystal64 New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    We are arrving Moololaba in early June. Getting scary now & all to real.:jiggy:

    Currently in the UK I home educate my 10 nearly 11 year old daughter who is doing brilliantly & am looking at doing so in OZ. They have great Australian distance learning programmes & communities but looking if anyone else has or is doing the same of H.E. U.K. to H.E. O.Z.??

    Would make me happy to know someone who is :smile:


  2. Misty

    Misty Guest


    We are an American HS family just moved here to North Lakes. I was just curious about how your HS transition has translated here in Oz?
    I am undecided about whether to HS here or enroll with a institution. Old habits die hard so I thought I would ask about your experience thus far.

    Kind Regards,
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  3. crystal64

    crystal64 New Member

    Hi Misty,

    You having a big move too? Moving countries is very different to what you are used to. We H.S. in UK & found the network of H.S. very good with a lot of meet ups in halls with weekly activities, outing & visits organised by the members of groups themselves in a bit area. Where ever we are we wish to carry on H.S. However we are very new to Australia only 3 months now but Iam finding the H.S. as a whole here is a bit hit & miss, it just seems only meet up in parks, so my daughter`s socialisation has dropped a lot. Plus coming from a country that his no legal registration of H.S. to one that you must registar goes I think against the freedom of H.S. it`s self. I would seriously weigh up you options when you get here, everyone experience is always different, but I hate to say the UK H.S. community is a lot better than were we are in Australia, sorry Australia H.S. ers.

    Hope this helps?

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