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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by Rich&Zoe, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Rich&Zoe

    Rich&Zoe Guest

    Hey all,

    We moved out here at the end of August and are looking to socialise and meet new friends. We are both 37 and have a three children who are WIlliam 6, Isabelle 4 and Beatrice who is our new edition.

    We are living in Ormiston in the Redlands Bay area and enjoy having a drink and most importantly enjoy a good giggle.

    Would be great to build up a network of similar couples/families to socialise with.

    Richard & Zoe.

  2. jonbox75

    jonbox75 Guest


    We are Jon and Rachel, we live arriving in Mount Cotton around the 2nd week on January 2013, we have 2 girls Jess 4 and Freya 1.

    We in the same posistion as you guys, looking meet families for bbq's, socialising and so on.
    If you want to get in touch, pm us.


    Jon & rachel
  3. Shell

    Shell Guest

    Hey! We are Scottish new to Brisbane too - only been here for a few weeks and keen to meet new people! Hubby and I from Cumbernauld!!! Xx
  4. Rich&Zoe

    Rich&Zoe Guest

    Hi Shell, good to hear from other newbies, what part of Brisbane you in?

  5. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    hi shell. like richard said it good to hear of new friends we haven't met yet :)

    i think theres going to be a social event this sat. keep an eye out on the forum for it.
  6. morag

    morag Guest

    Hi, we have been here since the middle of October. Both in our 40s with 2 teenage girls and a dog who is just out of quarantine. We are living in Cleveland in the Redlands, which is not far from Ormiston. Moved from Carnoustie in Scotland. OH working FIFO so would be nice to meet some new people for when he is at home and away.
  7. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    Hi we moved out last week we currently live in manly west we have two girls olivia 4 and gracie 2 my hubby is working and am a stay at home mum would be good to make friends to socialise with

  8. debbio

    debbio New Member

    Anyone still around the area??? x x x

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