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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by KORB1, May 9, 2012.

  1. KORB1

    KORB1 Guest

    Hi everyone in Qld

    We are at the moment living in Adelaide but for one reason or another are looking at coming to Brisbane / Gold coast areas. I am at the moment working as a site supervisor / Manager for a construction company & my trade background is carpentry & Joinery, so just looking for as much info as possible about work, rentals and areas that are good.
    I am also seriously think of getting a jet Ski while I am here in Adelaide so just wondering if there are any jet ski clubs, my 1st passion was bikes in the UK but with the lack of places to ride, the 40c+ here in Adelaide & **** road I gave my motorbike up so would consider getting a bike again as long as Qld ticks the right boxes for me.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi and welcome to LIQ...

    There are lots of places to ride here but its a bit dangerous,, we always had bikes in the UK but hubby sold up after 12mths here,lol, he sticks to off road now, just too many seem to get wiped out on the roads by docile car drivers!! If your into moto x check out south east queensland motor park ,its only about 30 mins from us and has become so popular in the short time its been open, they have loads of tracks to suit all abilities.

    The Gold Coast is great for jet ski'ing, not sure if your licence would be a straight interstate conversion or not though, so check that.

    Over Brisbane and the GC are great places with something to suit everyone.. Good Luck

    Cal x
  3. KORB1

    KORB1 Guest

    Hi Cal
    Thanks for the advice on the bikes I might still find riding them a problem with the humidity in Qld I was from Lancashire so used to cool weather but the track seem ok and a good idea, just the thought of dropping bike wifey would kill me lol. The Jet Ski sound fun but when you say Gold Coast is that on the open sea or in the waterway around the Gld Cst which I have seen on Google maps, I will have to look into the boat licence from SA to Qld.
    In Adelaide you are very limited to places you can go as it is so small and once your away from the metro areas there isn't much around, that’s one thing we don't like about here. Is it far to say you have a lot more places to visit than Adelaide probably I will find someone who has moved from Adelaide to Qld would be able to give me advise on this.
    Thanks for you advice.
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    We are from Bury so from the same climate really,lol,, hubby said it was a pain in summer as too hot for leathers, hence you see so many clowns riding in shorts and vests!! Storms also play havoc, it can be gloryious all day and change in minutes, the roads here get really greasy and catch so many out, cars too..

    The waterways around the houses and that are speed restricted so your best going out, there are loadss of islands to explore. Did you say you had a ski? We had a waverunner xlt back in UK and a caravan we kept at Abersoch, we went down there most weekends and have many good memories of our time there. We havent bought a ski here ,hubby and son either motor x ing or fishing nowadays,lol..

    Cal x
  5. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    Hi KORB1, we too are living in Adelaide and are moving to Gold Coast early november, once our daughter finishes year 12 and subject to the house selling quickly :)

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