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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by clairenmarkg, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. clairenmarkg

    clairenmarkg Guest

    Hi All

    We are moving to Brisbane in the very near future and our failmy would'nt be complete without taking our 2 year old boxer dog 'Bailey'
    Just a few questions has anyone transported their dog / how much did it cost and how are they managing in the heat.

    Thanks look forward to hearing from you.

    cx :D

  2. stephandtony

    stephandtony Guest

    What a coincidence !! My OH a bricklayer and we hail from your area. I also work for NHS and need to take my dog (and two kids) to other side of the world. We are going through an agency to get there. We are virtually going in blind as we have not visited before. I have a brother in Perth and my brother-in-law in Brisbane but have only been there since Jan 2007. Finding out loads of info from them but they didn't take any pets. Our dog is a Golden Retriever and worried how she will cope with the heat etc. I have printed all the relevent forms to get her vet checks/injections etc done from and now looking into pet carriers. I know they need to be quarantined for a month when the get there and the nearest quarantine kennell to Brisbane are Sydney (I think) so then got the hassel of transporting them from Sydney to Brisbane after the month of quarantine!! I know it can cost anything between £1500 - £2500 but just couldn't leave her behind. If I find out any more info will let you know.
  3. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Hi Folks

    Well Boomer is a dogs name!!! I am a rough collie, like Lassie only a different colour, and much better looking I might add. My parents transported me over and used an excellent company called ParAir. They were the cheapest and really excellent. They told my vet what injections I should have and the vets ignored it and I got stuck in the UK as my blood readings were too high to come to Australia. The vet should have given me parvo with no lepto. In the UK they are together in a booster. My parents told the vet no lepto but he still pumped it into me. It meant I could not travel when I should have and whilst stuck in the UK i got really ill an almost died. Not very nice for mum and dad 10,000 miles away. Anyway, when I finally did leave it was down in Sydney for 30 days. My folks were given the handlers number and could ring all week, except weekends, to find out how I was doing. Then Jetpets got me up to Brissie for a family reunion. All up it was about £2,500

    This summer has not not too hot this year and the aircon was great. There are paralysis ticks that can kill me and also cane toads and snakes but generally in residential areas there is not much chance.

    If you use Par Air mention my name Boomer and ask for Sally and you may get a discount. She looked after me very well.

    Anyway, hope to see some four legged friends over here in the near future. If my parents can give you any more info give us a shout.

    Boomer :D :D :D :D :D
  4. clairenmarkg

    clairenmarkg Guest


    Thanks all, we have rang a few companies and they all say the same, due to our dog being a boxer, BA are the only airline to fly them so they charge what they want!

    Never mind he's part of the family and he's worth it - it would be like leaving the hubby behind then again!!!
    cx :lol:
  5. joanna-eg

    joanna-eg Guest

    hey boomer did they exercise you when in quarantine? also i am a staffie how much will it cost do you think altogether? i don't want to be left behind.
    cheers xxx
  6. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    No they did not exercise me. I was well over weight when I turned up in Brisbane. All up it was £2500. That includes flights to Oz, quarantine and flight from Sydney to Brisbane.

    Boomer xx
  7. joanna-eg

    joanna-eg Guest

    cheers boomer, heck i better start on the slim fast now!! maisie x

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