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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Cookie & Leah, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Anyone on or around the sunny coast who wants to make friends with a british couple. Would like to meet other couples for drinks, bbq's ect. Look forward to hearing from anyone out there!

  2. Thalia

    Thalia Guest

    We are moving to Coolum in one week - packers coming tomorrow! 3 kids under 6... not looking forward to the flight Aberdeen to Brisbane 27hrs. My husband is originally from Brisbane though he has been in Scotland for 14yrs now so it's a big move for him too. Feeling sick to the pit of my stomach constantly - have to keep reminding myself that, once the goodbyes are done - this is a good thing that we are doing! ;)
  3. Hi Thalia,
    Crickey sounds like it will be a long flight, long enough without three kids under six, still you are right Coolum is a great place to live albeit a little far from everywhere. I lived there for a while and it has some great beaches, some of which you can walk dogs which is a great way to unwind in the evening. Being close to Noosa is bonus as it is a great place to spend time with the kids and also has a couple of world class restaurants when you fancy treating yourself. Maybe when you settle in we can all meet up for a coffee or a beer or two. Best of luck with the move, keep in touch. Cookie & Leah
  4. Hi cookie and leah, me and my bf have just moved to the gold coast and would love to meet up and go for a drink we are 21 and 23.
  5. Sorry i was thinking u were on the gold coast sunny coast is a bit far never mind

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