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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by batman, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. batman

    batman Guest

    we will be moving to oz in april 2008 we have 3 kids and i want there to be plenty of things for them to enjoy,but also be sure i can get work easily our starting point at the minute is going to be caloundra but i have recently been looking at redland shire because of its close proximity to brisbane and coastal life can anyone give me an insight into either area thanks

  2. EssextoOz

    EssextoOz Guest

    Hey there Batman, I cant offer any advice as new to this myself but didnt want to read and run, will be keeping a close eye on any answers though, as these are areas on our list (DH a Welder).

    Good luck
  3. Phyllis n Joe

    Phyllis n Joe New Member

    Hi Batman

    have you had a look on it has loads of info about areas and schools n stuff, hope it helps. :)


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