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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by ursula, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. ursula

    ursula Guest

    Hi. We have just moved to Nambour on the sunshine coast. We love it here. Just wondering if there were any other mums out there new to the area and would like to meet up for playdates and trips to the beach and park. I am married and 33 years old with a 18 month son. Don't really know many people at the moment. If your in the same boat then give me a shout. Thanks

  2. Belinda

    Belinda Guest

    Thought I would write and say hi, we are moving over to Australia next year but we will be in Caloundra.
    I'm Australian so I'm coming home but have been here so long now that I still get a little nervous but not as much as my husband ( he is English)
    I have to boys that will be 5 and 10 when we get there, they can't wait.
    Have you found making friends hard? I grow up in South Australia so I don't have friends in QLD just family but we aren't going to live near them they are all a little nuts.
    would be great to chat and find out how your doing and maybe even meet up once we are there.
    take care

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