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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by allisonc771, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. allisonc771

    allisonc771 Guest

    Hi All

    My name is Allison and me my husband and 3 children (16,13 and 4) are moving to the Buderim/Mountain Creek area at the beginning of feb. We have been planning this move for 4 years and I am now really nervous that it is so close. I am a nurse and have secured a permanent clinical nurse position in Nambour. My husband is an upholsterer by trade although he is going to look for part time work when we arrive as we feel one of us should be at home for a while to help settle the kids. We have been to the area on holiday and cant wait to start our new lives. We are looking for a footie team that are 13 year old lad could join as that is one thing he will definately miss from the UK any recommendations would be appreciated??


  2. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Hi Allison, nice to meet u. My hubbie Jim and two year old son max move to buderim end of Jan. I'm a pa and Jim is an electrician. We r from north London where r u from? We r so nervous too but so excited!!
  3. allisonc771

    allisonc771 Guest

    We are from Lancashire, a village near Preston. We are the same so excited but so nervous, its a very strange feeling isnt it. We should keep in touch and maybe meet up for a glass of wine when we are all out there.

  4. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Absolutely, as soon as u get settled we can arrange a meet via this site as I have no contact details as yet. I'm also on face book if that helps. All the best x

    please pm me
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  5. luckylady

    luckylady Guest

    I am living in Buderim, we made the move from UK in October 2012.
    I'm still finding my feet, but if I can help out in anyway send me a PM.
    Always happy to meet new friends
  6. LucieJ

    LucieJ Guest

    Hi Hun, I have a 3 year old of you are looking for friends for your little one?? I am in Maroochydore and also new to the Sunshine coast :)
  7. allisonc771

    allisonc771 Guest

    Hi Lucie
    thanks for the reply. we are also in maroochydore at the
    mo. Would be nice to meet up my oldest two have met kids at school but sam the four year old hasn't met anyone yet. he's not in nursery yet so is missing the company.
  8. allisonc771

    allisonc771 Guest

    Hi rachel
    we have arrived and are in maroochydore at the moment. my oldest two kids have staryed mountain creek high school so we are looking at moving there or buderim when our container arrives. Wo
    uld be great to meet up and any advice yoy had would be greatly received.
  9. allisonc771

    allisonc771 Guest

    Hi everyone
    as i have said we have finally arrived been here 3 weeks and we are looking at meeting peoplle in a similar situation. always looking to meet new people.
  10. Charl.M

    Charl.M Guest

    Hi Alison - im also a nurse! how are you finding the sunshine coast? we are planning on moving around October time and we have a 14 almost 15 year old that doesn't really want to move and im worried he wont settle... Cazza - did your husband find work ok? my husband is an electrician too! thanks charlx
  11. luckylady

    luckylady Guest

    Hi Alison,
    How are you settling in? Has your container arrived?
    Do you (or anyone else) want to meet up during the school holidays for a coffee?
  12. Jpatto

    Jpatto Guest

    Hi my name is Jane, we are moving to Sunshine Coast in June. I am travelling over next Tuesday to meet up with my husband who s already working in Queensland.
    Lim looking to rent a house and have arranged a few viewings in the Buderim area, as on the Internet this looks like a lovely area.
    I am terrified and excited at the same time, our children 20,19 and 17 are all coming with us. Their own chose we offered them all to keep our house in UK for hem to carry on living in. Our 20 year old is engaged and his girlfriend is also coming with us!
    I will e in Buderim over the next three weeks if anyone has got any advice or just Fancies a glass or three of wine please let me know.
    Also any information on the area would be great.
    Jane :)
  13. luckylady

    luckylady Guest

    Best of luck with your move!

    Im happy to meet up when you get here for your reccie, not sure how much help ill be as I've only been here 6 months myself!

    If you send me a private message, I'm happy for you to have my telephone number.

  14. lesleybruck

    lesleybruck Member

    Hi ladies how far is buderim to the cbd? hubby might have a good chance of a job in the city but type of work he does he will be out of the office more than in it so will be all over queensland but just wondered about the travel time, cheers
  15. nathe

    nathe Guest

    Not a lady but will try to help anyway.
    Around an hour without traffic but it can get pretty congested travelling in the morning rush hour as we saw when travelling from the airport to Mooloolaba at that time recently.
    We move to the Sunshine Coast in May, provisionally staying in Coolum but depending on where I find a job will decide where we settle. Will be somewhere between Noosa and Pelican Waters. How have you found Buderim to be since you moved there. It seems popular and pretty central. We have no kids so schools aren't an issue.

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