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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by jamie&kelly, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. jamie&kelly

    jamie&kelly Guest

    hi everyone, im just wondering if anyones got to brisbane on a student visa and how your finding it? we think this is going to be our best option after chatting with an agent. we have just found out that jamie is training to be a plumber and has been working every weekend with a plumber to get skills for his exams for nearly 2 yrs and weve found out because hes not getting payed for it, it wont count toward his exp criteria so after hes qualified weve still got at minimum 2 yrs to wait b4 we even think about vetassess and then provided he passes another year for it all to go thru!! were so deflated at the minute it just feels the tides against us. so weve decided when we can sell the house we should go on a student visa so any stories we would love to hear x

  2. geordie bird

    geordie bird Guest


    My husband originally went to Oz on a student visa and trained as a chef but one of the issues he had was that he was only allowed to work for 20 hours per week, which can often not be enough to live on unless you have a wad of cash behind you. Alternatively, If you're under 30, how about the working holiday visa? You can then look at your options once you're there.

    Hope that helps
  3. jamie&kelly

    jamie&kelly Guest

    Hi kerry thanks for that, excuse my ignorance but how would the working holiday visa help? what does it involve? thanks kelly
  4. geordie bird

    geordie bird Guest

    Hi kelly,

    Sorry for the delay coming back to you - The working holiday visa is for 1 year although I think this can be extended to 2 if you work for part of the time in regional australia. You are limited to temp jobs as you're not able to work for more than 3 months with any one employer - this is because the work part should be incidental rather than the main reason for going across. During your time there you can only study for 3 months.
    Some people I know originally went over on this visa, but then when they were there found a company who would sponsor them - you could also look into the possibility of study.

    Even if, worse case scenario you end up only being able to stay for a year - it's still well worth doing.

    Hope that helps.


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