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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by angibean, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. angibean

    angibean Guest

    Hi everyone!

    We are thinking of moving from Melbourne to Brisbane and I have been doing my own research on schools/suburbs with little luck. I was a primary school teacher so I am basing my suburb/school information so far purely from the results on the my school website. I want advice on graceville, Sherwood and Camp Hill and of course any other suburbs that are family oriented with great schools! How hard is it to get into the Catholic schools as a non Catholic? I heard they are better from a Brissy friend.

    Many thanks!

  2. mtomov

    mtomov Guest

    Have you looked around Clayfield, Hendra and Nundah? I am Principal of a little Catholic school at Hendra with vacancies at present. We take non-Catholics if they support our ethos.
  3. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    I think as you go to the outer suburbs Catholic schools are more often regarded as better then some of the local state schools. But if you live closer to town it is often the opposite...or at least you don't hear anywhere near the same amount of discussion about people pretending to be religious and/or supportive to get their children into a Catholic school as many of the state primary schools are equal or better. Buying in the right state school catchment is more the talk of the day. Of course you can find good state (and catholic) schools dotted all around Brisbane so I'm just talking generally, not in absolutes.

    Often budget obviously dictates where you live, or preferred house style/amenities so sometimes your choice of school is limited by that. But if you just want to know the schools/area's we hear most often as the top schools based on NAPLAN (which as you know isn't the be all and end all) then I would say the state schools around Bardon (Rainworth), Chapel Hill, Ashgrove, Ascot/Clayfield, St Lucia (Ironside) etc are the schools I hear about most often though I do now live in the area so this would slant my perception a little. All of these are very lovely family suburbs but on the high budget side. Of course there are many more good schools and suburbs as this is a just a subset of the top. I've heard positive feedback about the state primary school(s) around graceville/sherwood as well.

    Edit: I have just noticed your "$700,000 or less" heading. All the area's I mentioned have houses in that bracket but in some you would have to look/negotiate harder to find the right house as you would be at the lower end of the prices. Do you have to have 4 bedrooms?

    These could sell near 700 or below after offers. hill-112089803 hill-111969875 hill-112164547

    Of course if you prefer new houses over character homes you could buy a big rendered house in the outer suburbs for that price or lower if you don't want to live in the most expensive areas. Like I mentioned there are plenty of good schools dotted about.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2012
  4. mtomov

    mtomov Guest

    @fish01 I don't want to skite but my little Catholic school at Hendra had better percentages above the benchmark than all those other high reputation state and Catholic schools in our area this year. We really are Brisbane's best kept secret.
  5. UP on top m?i ngu?i cùng xem!!!
  6. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    :) Ascot/Clayfield? I hope my post didn't give you the impression I thought that wasn't possible. Many inner city state and non state schools do great with naplan tables changing each year.

    I was just listing the schools I have consistently noticed in no 1 or top 10 positions over a series of years. For example chapel hill and rainworth were no 1 and 2 in the whole state in 2011.

    Your school sounds lovely and I'll try and remember it for Catholics who are asking in the future.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
  7. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Hi Angibean

    Have you relocated to Brisbane as yet or still in Melbourne?

    How old are your children and how much are you willing to spend on private schooling for them? There are many great schools located throughout Brisbane on all sides of town, it will depend on your budget, age group and where you would prefer to settle and if your prepared to drive.

    We are on the southside. We are considering the following primary schools ourselves for our children who are young:-

    St Elizabeths at Tarragindi
    St Itas at Dutton Park
    St Agnes at Mount Gravatt
    St James at Coorparoo
    For public schooling we are looking into Holland Park Primary School and Marshall Road Primary School.

    If you are looking at high schools we are considering Brisbane State High School as a co-ed or Loretto College Coorparoo and Villanova at Coorparoo as private school options if we choose to go down that path. These are close to Camp Hill.

    We are not in the catchment for any of these schools however, they are located close to us as I have to get in the car to go to work each day. Each area i have mentioned also has housing up to $700,000 that would be renovated and beautiful.

    On the northside i know Marist Brothers Ashgrove and St Michaels have good reputations. If you are moving to Sherwood or that side of town consider St Peters although this is one of the most expensive schools in Brisbane, however, we have lots of friends who have been through this school. If you are willing to travel the City has some good schools as well.

    I hope this has helped you as we are also in the midst of researching schools but we are located in Holland Park. If you need anymore information just ask.


    The House Hunters

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