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Discussion in 'Brisbane & South East QLD' started by cal, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Can you give 3 positives and 3 negatives about the suburb/s you have recently lived or currently live in...

    Suburb - Flagstone, Jimboomba ( )
    Positives -

    - Great community feel with friendly locals
    - Within reach property and rental prices
    - Spacious open feel and rural surroundings

    Negatives -

    -Rubbish public transport links
    -Lack of street lighting
    -lack of kids facilities in Flagstone itself (everything is in Jimboomba a few KMs away)

    Cal x
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  2. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator


    Beautiful Scenery
    No traffic

    Health Service
    Cost of Living
    No IT jobs
  3. Anika

    Anika Guest

    Brassall, Ipswich


    * fairly quiet
    * close enough to Brisbane but far enough away that the rent is still affordable
    * we have friends and family very close by


    * bogans (but that's a general Ipswich thing)
    * our unit is in a flood zone and was very close to flooding at the end of Jan (unfortunately we can't move at the moment due to lack of funds)
    * lack of work in close vicinity (no real work in Ipswich, have to travel further towards Brisbane for anything decent)
  4. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator


    Close to the Ocean

    Hard to find work
    miles away from anywhere

    ‚Äč...... I could go on ......
  5. WelshyNO1

    WelshyNO1 Guest

    Bray Park/Warner - North Side Brizzy

    Eatons Hill Hotel
    My House
    Close to Netball courts ;-)

    Expesnive taxi's from the city!!
  6. Jo&Rich

    Jo&Rich New Member

    Park Lake/Pacific Pines, Gold Coast

    Reasonable housing prices (by GC standards)
    Good local amenities; schools, doctors, shopping centres (Pac Pines for local stores, Westfield Helensvale very close, close to train station (Helensvale). Near motorway
    Plenty of parks/playparks

    Difficult without a car as bus route is limited
    Getting quite built up; a lot of new townhouses and complexes housing popping up
    Mobile phone signal not brilliant (best to get 3G), and internet providers are a bit hit and miss
  7. Geraldine

    Geraldine Super Moderator Staff Member

    North Lakes
    Pros- Beautiful golf course in the middle of the estate. Not bad for shops and amenities. Not too far to the Sunshine Coast and the City Centre

    Cons - Gardens a bit small. Internet connection (lack off) depending on where you live.Train Station not opening until 2016
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  8. Jo&Rich

    Jo&Rich New Member

    I like North Lakes; did consider moving up there, as hubby works in Brissy, but didn't want to change the kids school in the end.
  9. Nicnic

    Nicnic New Member

    What do folks think about Cleveland, Redland or Helensvale?
  10. Jo&Rich

    Jo&Rich New Member

    Don't know about the others, but Helensvale is a decent suburb. It has shopping centres, bowls club, tavern (good food/pub), good primary and high school, train station, and is very close to the motorway, so good to get to Brisbane, and not too far from the beaches. Good mix of older and newer housing (look at Monteray Keys for newer homes, nice looking estate)
    There are a couple of gyms, public outdoor swimming pool, a cricket club (Helensvale/Pacific Pines) that hubby played for, and a couple of golf courses. There's a skate park, and a new library is being completed.
    Last edited: May 19, 2013
  11. Nicnic

    Nicnic New Member

    Thanks for that, will check that estate
  12. Nicnic

    Nicnic New Member

    Any others want to add to this thread? Its interestinh seeing 'inside' knowledge! Anybody in Robina or Alexander Hills in particular as these are another 2 areas i want to check out x
  13. Tina2

    Tina2 New Member

    Robina is close to Varsity Lakes College a great state school Prep to 12 just round the corner from Bond Uni. Some nice estates but quite a few rental properties which are not looked after but as I said some nice homes as well. Close to the beach and shopping centres, close to the M1 straight up to Brisbane.
    Be wary of Upper Coomera some dodgy areas near Upper Coomera state College which has a lot of issues, but again some nice areas close to some great schools, like Coomera Anglican college, St Stephens College, Lords ( a brand new Lutheran College) You really need to go for a drive and look at areas, or use google maps to check out streets.
  14. Nicnic

    Nicnic New Member

    I get updates from a Gold Coast crime page and Upper Coomera is often on along with Pac Pines and Labrador which is a shame as Pac Pines has some nice houses. Im hoping to have about 2 weeks just to drive round and get the feel of the places I also like the look of Elanora but dont really like the statistics for Elanora State High. I really like Varsity Lakes and have been looking at the catchment areas for this.
  15. kallis

    kallis Guest

    I check all the views of the peoples about the suburbs i think some are the good things of the city and some are against the social life but when i was go there last year some kinds like jobs issue is on the grow up stage...
  16. Angie-N-Mark

    Angie-N-Mark Guest

    My family emigrated in September and have just settled in Mango Hill, near North Lakes after looking at many areas. We chose this area mainly for its proximity to the highway for work in the city (around 30 mins - but not in commuting traffic) and up to the Sunshine coast ( about 40 mins away). It is quieter than North Lakes but still close to all the shops so very convenient. My son goes to the local school, he has settled in great and has lots of new friends. Even has a better social life than me now!!
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  17. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Sounds lovely. What is the price of rentals in that area.
  18. Angie-N-Mark

    Angie-N-Mark Guest

    We rent a 4 bedroom for $410 pw. For a nice property 3/4 beds, double garage etc from $380 upwards. There is no end of rentals in the area to be honest, best option is to view open homes which happen every week, which is what we did.
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  19. caren

    caren Guest

    Any clues on all of the Samford Valley region and surrounding areas like Albany or cashmere? Looking a move from melbourne to settle in a leafy, hilly area maybe no more than22km from Brisbane?
  20. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Hi Caren, Can't tell you much about them except Samford is country acreage with it's own little town and considered just beyond the city edge where Albany Creek is a normal Brisbane suburb.

    As an FYI Brisbane is very hilly very close to the city so depending on budget and what you are looking for you could be in a hilly, leafy suburb only 5km west of the city centre next to Mt Coot-tha. e.g. Bardon

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