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Discussion in 'Brisbane & South East QLD' started by Ollie123, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Ollie123

    Ollie123 Guest

    Hi,Me my partner and son are moving to Brisbane in April. My partner has a job in Wacol. I have had some really good advice so far off Cal (a member of the forum). Does anybody have any advice on the following suburbs as we would also like to be near Brisbane centre -:Dutton ParkFairfieldYerongaGracevilleTennysonMoorookaHolland ParkThanks

  2. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Dutton Park/Fairfield/Yeronga are a mixed bag. Parts of them are fantastic and other parts look a bit busy or tired. It is very pocket dependent with some extremely beautiful character homes near the river in some pockets. Low lying parts are flood prone so check flood maps carefully if not elevated. The Fairfield/Dutton Park end is very close to West End/Highgate Hill and Southbank and has become very sought after in parts but feels quite straggly still in some areas.

    Chelmer/Graceville/Sherwood - great area with some great schools in the area, train to the cbd, close to indooroopilly shopping centre, character homes. Some flooding as well near the river but still lots of parts that don't flood. Maps make it easy to tell where so don't be put off by that.

    Moorooka - Often cited as an up and coming area. Traditionally cheap as near industrial areas but has nice pockets and not that far from town so always has growth potential. Growing african community with some nice african restaurants as a result.

    Holland Park/Holland Park West - Older Brisbane suburb which over the years as Brisbane has spread has become an inner suburb (obviously I guess). Was always family oriented so still quite quiet and suburban in most parts without that much street activity. The hilly bits in Holland Park and Holland Park West (separate suburb) are sought after for their great city views and breezes. Many lovely older family homes in this area and some good schools.
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  3. Ollie123

    Ollie123 Guest

    Thanks for your reply it's really helpful. We have recently been looking at Springfield Lakes and Forest Lake. We are now one step closer as my partner has signed his contract for the job and we have been assigned a immigration agent so hoping to arrive in May/June.Do you have any suburbs in particular that you would reccomend for us to have a look at?
  4. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    Springfield Lakes and Forest Lakes are quite nice and becoming increasingly popular.
    They are nice communities and i too am looking at places there. i currently live in "The Gabba" area.
    As previously posted by fish, there is massive variastion in all the suburbs, and my personal fav's are Holland Park. Coorparoo and in between.....But i do have expensive taste !!!.
    Seriously. The best advice i could give you would to try to be as close to the city ass poss, purely so that if your hubbys job doesnt work out, then you have a very large amount of contacts, oportunities, transport links, infrastructure etc.
    We stayed at our present address to get ourselves established, build up credit, prove our credentials etc. its worked for us, and had we been out of town, my misus would have had much more difficulty findng work.
    Finally, where is you other half going to work. I worked in Wacol before starting my current position. What does he do
  5. Ollie123

    Ollie123 Guest


    My other half will be working at Komatsu in Wacol as a workshop technician. He currently works at Komatsu in the UK so we are coming over on a sponsored visa. We are just waiting for a visa to be cleared then we will be making arrangements to come over. We are finding short term accomodation expensive until our furniture arrives and we find a more permanent place to live. Do you have any advice on short term accomodation.
  6. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member

    G'day Ollie,

    Just about everyone has the same problem/query. There is no quick fix I'm afraid and it all depends on the individuals needs and abilities. Your stuff will usually take between 6-10 weeks ( depending on shipping companies and Customs clearance). The longer you are able to stay in the UK after your stuff has been shipped, the less expensive it usually will be. Short term accom is not cheap and usually will be in holiday type accom. The less time that you spend there, the better. This is the time you'll use to find a more permanent rental ( 6 months) and which generally is unfurnished. So that's why you'll want to have your stuff when you move into your rental. Does that make sense without teaching you how to suck eggs? Friends of ours did this and found a place in Coopers Plain/Macgregor which is reasonably close for commuting to Wacol. They had about 6 weeks there before finding their rental, miles away in Mango Hills!!

    The alternative is to find a furnished rental as soon as poss. This what we did, and like Bacardi, found a place in Woolloongabba. Because it was so central it gave us the opportunity to look at loads of places before settling down. But everyone is different and has those differing needs, responsibilities and abilities.

    Not sure if that helps, but happy to answer any questions!
  7. Having lived in Forest Lake for two years with two young children, I can tell you it is a very nice place for a family to settle. First home buyers can still find some decent property, especially considering all the benefits you get for living in Forest Lake. Forest Lake State School, Grand Avenue State School and Forest Lake College offer pretty good teaching, whether you’re looking for public or private. The Forest Lake Shopping Village offers all the shops you need, especially since the arrival of Coles and Target in 2011. Medical centre, vet, a nice indoors heated swimming pool and gym and public transport going everywhere. A direct bus service will also take you to Richlands train station which brings the CBD even closer. If you’re a driver, it’s almost on the Centenary Highway, but far enough to avoid traffic noises. The design of Forest Lake, with its circuits and parks, makes it a pleasure to walk in as well. You’ll never find yourself more than 10-15 minutes’ walk from a shop or a school, thanks to conveniently placed pedestrian shortcuts.
    The proximity to Inala, a slightly less favoured suburb, can be perceived by some as a downside, but if you look on the bright sight of life, you will enjoy its Vietnamese restaurants and cheap shops.

    I would personally recommend Forest Lake as it combines quiet living in a very clean suburb with convenient proximity to the CBD.

    Philippe, for
    Open House Realty Group

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