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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by linda666, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. linda666

    linda666 Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    It has been a while since wrote on this site. Still very anxious to join all you fellow Brits in Brissie !!!!

    Still awaiting my visa. It has been 16 weeks now since they received it - Heard through the grapevine that the Australian Embassy have their quota of visas for the year and probably next quota will be July now. Not sure if this applies to De facto Visas as well but feel it's a long time to wait for my visa. I had to apply for my visa at Berlin as live in Malta but wish I had done it to London whom seem quicker at issuing visas - so just got to be patient........ummmm!!

    Anyway all the best for all of you still in the same boat waiting for your visas...And nice to keep in touch with everyone on this website for support.


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Linda , surely it cant be that far away now,lol, the waiting drives you mad ,i rememberit well but fingers crossed here you hear something soon
    Cal x
  3. linda666

    linda666 Guest

    Thanks Cal for your reassurance. Really didn't think it would take this long. Just want to be in Brisbane with my Fiance it is so hard waiting.

    Thanks for your support xxx
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    So Hard ??? lol, it drove me completely bonkers !! For months i run around like a headless chicken with so much to do and when it boiled down to it i had flapped so much i'd got nothing done! lol
    Use your time wisely and shop, shop and shop,lol, stock up on clothes and other fav things to bring with you so you don't get withdrawal symptoms whilst you find
    Keep us informed won't you
    Cal x
  5. linda666

    linda666 Guest

    I like that idea of shopping!!! Ha ha!!
    Will keep you posted and thanks a million xxx
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    No Problem and remember im always here if you need to vent some frustration,lol
    Cal x

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