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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by judyq, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. judyq

    judyq New Member

    State schools . Caloundra or currimundi area?
    [HR][/HR] Hi to all, would like to pick your brains as hours on the internet is not getting me far !!
    We have a five and an eight year old and will be moving to the Caloundra area next year.
    Not too stuck to an area so just wondering about the primary schools. I have seen Currimundi and Caloundra, both looked lovely. Are there any other I have missed?
    Would really like to know how the catchment area's work and if there is something that could tell me that?
    Also did you register your children before you arrived or wait till you got there?
    Thanks for any info

  2. Luke

    Luke New Member

    I'm not too sure. Your best bet might be to contact the schools themselves and ask as catchment areas can be a pain, there's usually not a way of working them out until it's too late/you live there!

    For an example we lived in the suburb next to the suburb my brother went to high school in and were told our end of the suburb (only just) was out of the catchment area, but they let him in anyway. Good luck!
  3. tcj

    tcj New Member

    Hi, not sure if this helps but thought I would pass on what we did - we went for a final recce, having got our visa at last, in October. We were initially going to live in/around Noosa as we liked the schools etc but on visiting we found the schools in Mooloolaba area much more to our liking so this is where we are going. Mountain Creek is excellent or if you want private both Matthew Flinders and Immanuel Lutheran College were really good. There is lots of choice and availability - Mountain Creek offers the IB also which is interesting. Anything else let me know, kr tcj
  4. judyq

    judyq New Member

    Hi again, we would be looking at state schools. Can I ask why Mooloolaba? Also what does IB stand for? Thanks.Still trying to decide on our first area!
  5. tcj

    tcj New Member

    In terms of why Mooloolaba, after we had sorted schools we loved the area - great beaches, restaurants, shopping etc. IB is International Baccalaureate, which is an international equivalent to A Levels, Year 12 etc. The IB is different to say A Levels in that it is a broader program, I think up to six subjects rather than specializing in three A Levels. As always it is down to your child and what is best for you/them. Mountain Creek is doing it very well. The IB is completely accepted by all universities etc around the world. Hope this helps.

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