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Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by EssextoOz, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. EssextoOz

    EssextoOz Guest

    Hi there guys, I am weighing up pros and cons of leaving everything here and finding a furnished rental or dragging it all with us.

    Anyone got any words of wisdom? if you bring stuff do you bring all your whites goods from kitchen etc? - should imagine would buy all beds new, they have IKEA there right? If we bring it all (we dont have ALOT) it would be, 2 piece leather suite, plasma screen TV, kids bikes, maybe bedding, (as that all adds up) and clothing, some kids toys - again not a great deal. so not a huge amount of stuff. would it be cheaper to ship or start afresh?

  2. mandytuck

    mandytuck Guest

    hi, we haven't moved yet either, but from what i've been reading on poms in oz website it costs a few thousand to ship things over. we have never realy splashed out on expensive furniture or anything, so we are going to buy all new when we find a house to buy and are just going to rent furnished at first. we are going to take one tea chest with special ornaments, pictures, books etc and then put some other stuff in the suitcases as you can have a bigger weight allowance when you emigrate if you tell the airline. that's the plan so far anyway. hope this helps.

    p.s. they do have ikea and if you compare prices on-line to those in the uk it is cheaper in oz! :)
  3. mandytuck

    mandytuck Guest

    hi, forgot to say that i don't think uk tvs work in oz as there is some difference in the electricity or something. look on poms in oz site as there is loads of info on it. :)
  4. EssextoOz

    EssextoOz Guest

    thanks chick.

    WOW OZ Ikea CHEAPER than UK. :shock:

    From what I gather about tv's old ones wont work but a new TV would (ours is only a week old :D ) will look into that further.

  5. Louise

    Louise Guest

    Hi Guys,

    We have recently shipped all our stuff over and should arrive soon as we leave on Sunday :shock:
    It has cost us a few thousand but we didn't want to sell all our stuff what we have got for peanuts when it is worth a lot more to us and it would cost a lot more then the shipping cost to replace over there. I have family in Oz and they said furniture can be dear over there.
    End of the day it's up to you!

    Louise x
  6. EssextoOz

    EssextoOz Guest

    Thanks Louise, how exciting Sunday eh? wow!

    I absolutely get what you are saying, we dont have a great deal of furniture really, but going to cost up how much to replace stuff and compare to shipping, there isnt really anything we are particuarly attached to.

    Safe journey - be sure to let us know how you are settling.
  7. funiowcple

    funiowcple Guest

    moving to Brizz

    we are moving back to Brisbane in June, and are still trying to work out what to take and what to sell. when we moved back to the UK we brought back, including TV's and Video, neither of which worked here.
    We have a Super King Size bed, but think it would be cheaper to sell and buy again than to ship. But we do have a few bits of furniture that we want to take so looks like we had better save a pounds to ship back.
  8. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    We shipped only our personal stuff..Im not sure yet wether I regret it or not:)
    Things arent badly priced here, i think on a par with UK..Our washing machine is a water saving one and we got $200 from the government so that was good..
    It's strange building up from nothing again but oh so much fun SHOPPING!!!
    Jo x
  9. Dear Doula
    I think it does depend on if you think your current furniture will fit in a new house and if it's the right style for the Aussie stlyle open plan living. Its a tricky one, definatley take your personal bits an bobs but as far as big stuff goes i think you really have to weigh up the shipping cost against the buying it new when you get there. I have heard that mattresses can be expensive but have a look on they have whole house deals, and other sets and it all looks ok and is good prices.
    I think by the sounds of it we are going to have a lot of junk sorting out to do before too long!!
    That's going to be one hell of a car boot!! Ha ha!!
    Best wishes Alison x
  10. Hi Hayles

    How cool is that! An Ikea in OZ! I can feel relief flooding through my veins!! I too have been wondering what is the best option, take or get rid! That has made the decision a lot easier!!
  11. Kate

    Kate Guest

    The Ikea in Brisbane is fairly new and is apparently fantastic. As much of our furniture is from ikea anyway we worked out that it will be cheaper for us to get exact replacements new rather than ship everything over.
    Fab eh?
  12. Hi Kate,

    How far are you in the whole process? I only found this site last night and it has been brill so far!

  13. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    you should look at if you like Ikea ,,this place is similar on prices but slightly better quality,they sell packages too which is great if your bringing nothing or need bits to tide you over until your furniture arrives,,
    Cal x
  14. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    also super A Mart is good as is good guys for electrical
  15. snowyhaze

    snowyhaze New Member

    Well, incase this helps anyone out - We are moving to Australia in 4 weeks!!! And the only thing we are taking is a couple of suitcases of clothes - We are selling everything else we own, we have shopped around and found that a furnished rental in brisbane is hard to find, but after looking at retail shops online out there, works out we could completely furnish out a 4 bed house in brisbane for around $10,000 AUD which works out better for us! And we will have more than that after selling all our stuff so why not get new!!
  16. Pabloke99

    Pabloke99 Guest

    We did something of a compromise. We used voovit to send a dozen boxes of personal effects and items of sentimental value (just hope they arrive safely) and sold, or donated to charity, everything else.
    Now we can both enjoy our hobbies in Oz. I'll go fishing while Lisa goes shopping (but I can see myself getting dragged to the furniture shops, after all it is a 'bonding' experience). Quite looking forward to it actually.
  17. tights

    tights Guest

    Hi, I am thinking of using voovit to ship 10-12 boxes. Did you have any problems with them.
  18. tights

    tights Guest

    I am thinking of using voovit to ship about a dozen boxes, did you have any problems with them?
  19. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    NEver heard of them sorry x
  20. fluxsta

    fluxsta New Member


    We asked the same question and it is definately cheaper to ship! having seen the prices of some goods whilst in South Australia in Feb it is cheaper to ship. We have 3 bed house and most stuff is going. 750 cubic feet worth (20ft container is 1050 cubic feet or thereabouts). Cheapest quote we have had is around £3000.

    Good luck!
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