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  1. HI to all out there

    we have arrived & are living in Springfield.

    We are a family of 5 kids are 17 13 & 5 we are looking to get together with other people who are in this area to make new friends & have a coffee or beer...

    would love to hear from anyone who is interested and got any info which maybe of use to use would be helpful

    OH is midwife working at the Mater me looking after kids till she settled before looking for work.

    anyone interested give us a PM or write a few lines so we can sort out a date day time place

    lets hope it stops raining soon Like UK

    Only warmer


  2. wondering aloud

    wondering aloud New Member

    Hello, not in brissie yet but hopefully will be next few months :) I have a job offer at the mater mothers too. Just wondering how you are finding it there and in Brisbane in general?

    Would love to meet up when we arrive, though like I say might be a while off yet!
    Anyhow congrats on the move!

  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Sam,

    Welcome to BIB,

    i hope everything goes well for you, The mater seems to be a popular hospital for offering jobs, Most of the staff must come from the UK, that seems to be where they all head for.:laugh:
  4. :cool:

    Hi Sam

    My wife Heather does not start till 9th August so can't tell you alot about it.

    it is one of the biggest private hospitals & by all accounts very good to work at and stay at, we have met alot of people who have had their children there with no complaints.
    Heather has been told she will get breaks & even a dinner hour which she never got working for the NHS in UK so even that will be a bonus.

    We are just starting to get settled been here 4 weeks & 2 weeks in our rented house. It will take another year or so to realy settle but we are here & living the Oz life our eldest had is 18th Yesterday had BBQ with friends we have met here & had a great time.

    Schools are an issue. Do you have kids??

    We are in the wrong place for a good school for our 5 year old & 14year old we need to be across the road in springfield lakes but we hope to get them into the private school so you need to do your home work with regard to schools but even the private one is not alot of money compared to the private ones in the uk so even we can manage it.

    if you would like more info PM us & we can talk you through it.

    Good look & we hope to meet you when you come over.

    All the best

    David Heather & Kids :cool:
  5. Den Rudy

    Den Rudy Guest

    It will take well over an hour to get to Brisbane and then parking is very scarce and very expensive - the BCC is actively trying to dissuade people from driving to the city and are hell bent on making it as difficult as possible.

    Train is a much better alternative. Drive to the nearest station which will probably be Gailes or perhaps Goodna and take the train to Brisbane. Much cheaper. Much easier and less stressful and you should get a seat from out there.

    If you simply must drive, try to rent a private parking space from someone with an inner city apartment who doesn't need their car space. It will probably be cheaper than commercial parking and will usually also offer 24 hour access which can be very useful. You'll find them advertised on the internet. Search on 'car space brisbane' or similar and have some listed.

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