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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by LeeB, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. LeeB

    LeeB Guest

    Hi there

    I have just returned from a 4 week holiday to look around Brisbane. Having an Australian girlfriend has enabled me to obtain a permanent VISA and we are deciding if we should look to make the big move in 2012.
    The property prices to me looked extremely high but I do keep reading that they are on there way down and will continue to fall for some time.. who knows but for me and anyone renting I hope they do!!

    Anyway, one of the areas outside of the City (we stayed with family in Ashgrove) we took a look at was Springfield Lakes. The two houses we looked at (370,000 AD & 400,000 AD) looked to be great value compared to the Ashgrove area. (for obvioius reasons)
    Can anyone tell me the type of area this is (crime / leisure activities etc) as there looked to be a lot of plans including a train station in 2013.
    I fear the drive could be an hour to the City or does anyone know if you could drive to a nearby station for the commute into the CBD. I would not want to travel more than an hour door to door.

    Please help...

    Thanks all.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Soringfield lakes is a lovely area and suffers no more crime than any other 'normal' suburb. It is quite a new area and thus has a massive new shopping centre, kids play area and water park, schools,uni, child care etc.
    Everything you need really is on hand and you have the bonus of easy highway access to the city.

    Hope this helps a bit
    Cal x
  3. Dan dontknow

    Dan dontknow Guest

    Hi is there anybody in springfield /springfield lakes that can recommend the best schools and areas
    We are looking to rent near the springfield lakes state school and the big shopping centre as my wife will be waking everywhere but if anyone can recomend areas I would love to chat Thanks
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

  5. nickandvicky

    nickandvicky New Member

    I have looked at Springlakes, some great value houses. But my question is how long will it take to commute to the city without a car? I.e bus or train?
  6. MrsM

    MrsM Guest

    No train yet (2013) - shuttle bus for early commuters to nearest station 20 mins away - then a 40 min train journey.
    A Bus into CBD very complicated, with several changes needed. Thats the disadvantage of S.Lakes - as developing community has not yet got established Transport links!
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