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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by Katrina, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Katrina

    Katrina Guest

    Hi All - I'm hoping to get some advice from you.

    I have a friend here in the final 3 weeks of a 12 month working visa. Unfortunately we were unaware of the 3 month regional requirement prior to extension of the visa so we're quickly running out of time.

    We're working with a couple of agents and the advice seems to be quite conflicting. We realise that his best bet is a 457 - unfortunately we are told that it is a 2-3 year process - is that right?

    Apart from that, we are searching everywhere for employment sponsorship. Unfortunately his most recent employer is no longer able to offer a sponsorship. My friend's skills are in Carpentry and Joinery with NVQ 2 and 3 qualifications including the 3 year apprenticeship.

    What is our best bet? He wants to stay in QLD where he has built a life with new friends but how do we do it without finding a sponsor? Where do the sponsoring organisations hang out? I'm told by the agents that there are plenty but we are calling heaps and not finding any.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.:smile:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Im not sure what agents you have spoken to but Cheryl Bird of Bird Australian Migration has helped loads of people off the forums so if your confused maybe give her a call.

    A 457 can be processed quicker than 2 -3 yrs. 2 - 3 yrs is normaly the length of time an employer must commit to keeping you, i think dependant on the trade after 2 years you can apply for permanent residency anyway.

    The only way to get a sponser is to get out there and sell yourself. Tell your friend to call in or ring every company he can find listed in the white pages and ask. I know a guy who travelled from the top of the sunny coast to the Gold Coast calling in every company he passed to see if they would be interested in sponsering him, it worked as he is still here and happily settled.
    Make sure he knows EXCATLY what the employer has to do as very few out there are aware of what they actually have to do. If he is desperate he could also consider offering to pay any fees on behalf of the employer.

    Good Luck
    Cal x

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