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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by urgenthelp, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. urgenthelp

    urgenthelp Guest


    Strange way to find myself here.please read this and offer any help.
    I live in the UK.I just logged into my email and found a message saying that my emails were being forwarded.

    I checked and the name

    had been inserted and was receiving my emails-i dont think the message was there before,but I cant be sure.I have now cancelled this

    I googled the email and it was at one time the contact for a mobile fitness trainer,in brisbane, Which may or may not still be in existance.its owner,,has a facebook page,but I don't do facebook.

    Anyone know how this could have happened,and what it means.

    I am not making any accusations,just very very puzzled.:eek:

    not sure what this means for my personal security,not sure if any of my emails had been sent,or if i caught it in time.

    advice anyone?

    I obviously have some malware,computer just went in for repair because of it,its obviosly not fixed.

    should i contact him and ask if he has access to this email ?
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  2. seppo1759

    seppo1759 Guest

    Don't have any clue at all...But it would bother me!

    Thinking you may have to set up a new email address..I would

    Sorry don't know ..i found this..Extract:

    But in regards to your question, it's the last one that should causes us all to think.

    I'll put it more clearly: you cannot prevent someone from forwarding your email, and you also can't prevent them from changing it before they do so.

    Get that? Not only can the forward your email, but they can change what your email says. When someone forwards an email, that email simply becomes the body of a new email, that can be edited before hitting send. And by edited, it could be as simple as changing a "yes" to a "no", an "I love you" to a "get out of my life", or perhaps "the boss is a genius" to "the boss is an idiot".

    You get the idea. If you were concerned about your email being forwarded, you can be even more concerned now. You really do need to trust your recipients.

    So, if email is such an unreliable medium, what can you do? Well, the simplest first step for this particular issue is to save all your outgoing email. That way you'll have a record of what you really said. Second, don't say anything in email that you wouldn't want to be made public, and when things get "close", make sure you're only emailing it to someone you really trust.

    There are technologies such as cryptographic message signing that will allow message tampering to be detected, but currently they're used mostly only by some businesses and the tech savvy. To be honest it shocks me how much sensitive information is transmitted in email without any protection whatsoever (other than the silly disclaimer that boils down to "if this message wasn't intended for you, forget everything you just read").

    I'm hopeful that over time these types of security solutions will get easier, and more common.

    And the bottom line is that if someone can read your email, they can still forward it, or copy/paste it to another email, and send it to anyone they choose, one way or another.
  3. Coldsnail

    Coldsnail Guest

    could be a pattern


    My fathers laptop was hacked with the exact hack last night between 6.10pm and this morning 8am.

    The result was this:

    All email in his inbox for the past 2 months was deleted, all of his contacts were deleted and 2 months of send items were deleted.

    His account was set to divert all email

    Point of interest/Stab in the dark were you on footytips website last night. Not suggesting anything other than this was the last website my farther visited before turning off his laptop last night.
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  4. urgenthelp

    urgenthelp Guest

    I wasn't, but if its a football site?,my other half is a very keen football fan.I will ask him.I have deleted the name of the company who my email was being forwarded to,because they may be unaware themselves.Was your a brisbane address?

    We can take this message to pm,if you know how .

    I have since had a few phishing emails alll at once,one purporting to be western union.I have got someone else to change my passwords on my they were weak.

    Also I have checked in my delete history section,and the boxes are not ticked for deleting passwords.I notice this one was unticked,and I am not sure whether it had been changed.A couple of weeks ago,one of my contacts got a spam email pretending to be from a company,who was in my contact list,so they had taken my contacts then. I had a virus then,but I thought it was fixed.

    Edit-Just looked in my junk folder and I have had loads more phishing emails including only my second " There is money in a bank account in your name,please claim it" from a "Barrister" It contains a huge amount of "great British Pounds" .Although my computer had it marked as junk,it said marked as junk but safe ( well safe but still a scam) Another one with an attachment pretending be be from DHL.the parcel company saying " the parcel will arrice within 7 bussness day"!I understand this contains a trojan.
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  5. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    I also had one of my accounts hacked yesterday, my daughter has also received emails from 2 of her friends which suggest their accounts have also been hacked.

    Not good at all!


  6. Caza

    Caza Guest

    I experienced the same!...??

    I live in Ireland and was googling this ashgrove fitness when I came across this forum and others too...all sayin that peoples emails had been forwarded.

    How strange?? I dont really know much about computers but I presume it must be some kind of virus. What annoys me is that I am in the process of applying for graduate placements and jobs and I dont know what emails I have lost and how important they were.

    Any help would be appreciated. Ive cancelled the forwarding function, is this enough?

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