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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Jit7, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Jit7

    Jit7 Guest

    Hi All

    I'm new to this site but have been on PIO for a while now.

    My husband and I are moving to Brisbane in October and need a short term furnished rental whilst we look for an apartment to rent and for our belongings to arrive from UK.

    I've had a quick look at stayz and another which I can't remember now, but they are showing $150 per night. That seems really expensive as we wanted it for 4 weeks. Is this the norm?

    Looking to stay as close to CBD as possible as we have to look for jobs too.

    Any advice would be appreciated


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Furnished rentals arent cheap, mainly because your utility costs are included but also because your not tied into a lease.
    Remember you 'should' get a decent discount if your staying 4 weeks or more so make sure you ask..

    Caal x
  3. Jit7

    Jit7 Guest

    Thanks Cal

    Have you heard of Dont know if its a reliable site
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Yes ,its seems a decent site and as been around a while.

    Cal x
  5. spadgersdad

    spadgersdad New Member

  6. Barb Aasen

    Barb Aasen Guest

    Furnished house near Northlakes, Brisbane, available Oct 17 to Dec 14

    We are going overseas for 8 weeks (Oct 17-Dec 14) and would like to offer our FF 3 bedroom plus office home for rent to a British family emigrating here. Northlakes is 10 minutes away and is called Little Britain as so many Brits have re-located in this area. If anyone is interested, please message me
    Rent is $400 per week.

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2012
  7. Have you looked into renting a cabin in a holiday village? That's what we did whe we migrated 5 years ago. I have no idea how much it was (sorry!) as my wife's the accountant in our family, but I can only tell that it must have been a good option if she chose it!
    Look, for example, at the Brisbane Holiday VIllahe in 8-Mile Plains, only a short bus ride to the city and close to a huge shopping centre and the highway to the Gold Coast theme parks.
    Hope this helps
    Phil, for
    Open House Realty Group

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