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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by KathnHans, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. KathnHans

    KathnHans Guest

    Hans is an extremely experienced sheet metal worker, and when we looked 12 months ago when we first started the visa process there seemed to be loads of suitable vacancies. Now, when we FINALLY have our visa, there seems to be nothing around - whats going on? I understand from a friend that the skill has been removed from the MODL as of Jan 2009, but surely there must still be jobs out there?

    Can anyone enlighten us on this sudden decline in vacancies? Or better still offer us a job??!! Or suggest any suitable companies we can get in touch with? (we are visiting Oz in April & were hoping to contact/visit a few prospective employers whilst out there)

    Kath and Hans
  2. millymoo

    millymoo Guest

    Hi , My husband is a sheet metal worker too. We also found lots of job offers 12 months ago and now we are here the are very little. You are best getting in touch with job agencies.


    They help my husband find work and will be able to advise you.
  3. KathnHans

    KathnHans Guest

    Thanks for that - however since I posted that thread we have been on our recky to Oz & my OH amazingly got job offer whilst out there, so we'll (hopefully) be moving in next 2 months!

    Good luck with your job hunting too!

  4. millymoo

    millymoo Guest

    That's great news, very lucky. Hope your move goes well.

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