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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by SimonInOz, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. SimonInOz

    SimonInOz Guest

    My company is recruiting two full-time Web Developers / SEO Consultants in the Brisbane area. The application is on Seek and I have included the link below:

    SEEK - Web Developers / SEO Consultants Job in Brisbane

    We are recruiting urgently but please use Seek to apply with a cover letter and current resume.
  2. briggy

    briggy New Member

    Hi there,
    Hope you don't mind me asking, but do you recruit all the time, or as and when.
    Just that my son in law is comming out in November this year and has all the nescesary qualification. Sorry don't know too much about comps lol.
    But he is comming out on a WHV, with the hope that he would get to stay and work in oz. He is a graduate too:D

    Thought I would just ask:D
    Cheers Brig:smile:
  3. SimonInOz

    SimonInOz Guest

    Hi Brig,

    Thanks for getting in contact. Basically I am fairly new in post and was struggling to recruit competant people through the usual mechanisms, so I thought that I would try this, but sadly it didn't produce any results either.

    As far as recruitment goes, I am building the team up fairly quickly but I may still have opportunities for the right candidate later down the line. I'll continue to post on this thread as-and-when more opportunities are available, as this forum was a good source of information when I was moving out here.

    Regards, Simon.
  4. briggy

    briggy New Member

    Hi Simon:D
    Thanks for replying:D
    Quite shocked you didn't have 1,000's of applicants from here:OI
    Think we all have either joined POI or BIB just for lots of help and advise when making the big move down under.

    I will keep checking from time to time to see if you have posted anything.

    Many thanks.

    Brig :smile:

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