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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by samsteve, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. samsteve

    samsteve Guest

    Hello, my 14 (born Nov 92) year old will choose her options to start her GCSE's early 2007. My 12 (born May 94) is in year 8. Both are straight A students and I worry they will be disadvantaged by a move at a crucial time, (although I think in the long term they will benefit) We were considering moving in 2's 1st of us after the eldest has finished GCSE's to then start higher education in the January, and the 2nd 2 to follow in the June of the same year after the 12 year old has completed his GCSE's. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had the same dilema and how you managed it, any info on the education system from 13 years upwards would also be great.
    Sam & Steve

  2. guppy19

    guppy19 Guest


    Hi mum hi dad lol :D
  3. John & Lorna

    John & Lorna Guest

    Hi Sam & Steve we have 14 year old (born July 93) she is in year 10 in the UK but could go into year 9 in OZ. We are planning being in OZ for her to start year 10 in January 09. Our other daughter is 13 and will start year 9 in oz in Jan 09. We were a bit concerned about moving them at their age but thought that the sooner the better. Luckily our 14 year old is young enough to start year 10 there. She is not that happy about it though, we are still trying to convince her that it will be beneficial to her in the long run. We got our skilled visa (136) in December John is a CNC Machinist. We are still trying to sell our house, as soon as t is sold we are off !! How far along the process are you ?

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