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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by LGB, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. LGB

    LGB Guest

    Moved to the Gold Coast (S.E) about two and a half months ago. We absolutely love it, but feel a bit isolated. Both my husband are getting on well at work, however people don't seem to want to gain new friends, etc. We've been out for a few drinks etc but havnae really met people that we would be friends with although people are friendly enough whilst out and about.

    We are in our early 30's, both like sports and music and generally going out for a drink, dinner etc and enjoying good company.

    If any of this is of interest then give us a yell, I never thought that i would do a thing like this. I feel like a bit of sad-o!!! We are looking for genuine people to meet up with from time to time to have a drink dinner and chat with, that's all, start a bit of a social network.

  2. mandymcqueen

    mandymcqueen Guest

    Hi Guys

    We are from Scotland too and living in Brisbane, I know what you mean, it can be hard to make new friends, well ones you want to spend time with anyway. Hubby is away working up north just now but feel free to get in touch if you ever fancy a few drinks of a weekend.

  3. Kelly Clan

    Kelly Clan New Member

    We're in the same boat too. Not met many Scots since moving here in April
    this year. We're halfway between GC and Brisbane. Maybe now that the weather
    is picking up we should arrange a 'gathering o' the clans' ;)

  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    A lovely scottish family i know own and run Charles Boyle Hair and Beauty salon in Beaudesert, its not a million miles from Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Theyd be happy to chat if any of you popped in.

    Cal x
  5. Scotish Gill

    Scotish Gill Guest

    Oh Scotish people!! Your not a sado, im doing the same thing. I know exactly what you mean! I love Oz, my kids r getting on really well, jobs great, fab work mates, i go to toddler gymnastics, playgroups. And as u said most people r nice and u chat while ur there. But still fell bit isolated!
    So i think, were no sados, were just trying to find the life that we came here for , I think a gathering o the clans would be brill. Cout me , my man n the weans in!!
    We currently live in the city, but were moving to Bayside in the summer. I'm happy to travel anywhere (love sat navs!!) for a wee blether, a BBQ n few beers.
    Hope to hear from u's soon
  6. DNL

    DNL New Member

    HI! My husband is from Glasgow and misses a pint and football banter. We live in Manly so if anyone fancies a meet up, few drinks get in touch. I am from the UK and miss the humour!! A Sunday afternoon down by the water with a picnic/BBQ?
  7. Teva

    Teva New Member

    Hows everyone getting on?

    Hey All
    My boyfriend and I moved here 2 months ago, currently staying with my folks on the GC but moving to Kangaroo Point in 3 weeks. Would love to meet people in either area. We are in our early 30's and like most people we like music, a few drinks and a good chat.
    Drop us a line if you fancy catching up- we are keen to make some friends over here.
  8. DNL

    DNL New Member

    Shall we organize a meet up in Manly one Saturday or Sunday early February? Would be good to meet new people. Could have a BBQ / picnic along the waterfront.
  9. Teva

    Teva New Member

    Hey DNL that sounds like a great idea We are moving the first 2 weeks of Feb so lets try and get something in for later in the month? What weekends work for you guys?

    Anyone else in the forum up for coming??
  10. Sue & Rob

    Sue & Rob Guest

    We hoping to move up to Manly / Cleveland area in the next few months currently in Adelaide, but bought a van & going travelling for a couple of months before we resettle.

    But we will be in the brissie area back end of Feb & would love to catch up with some peeps.

    We been here for 2 years but fancy a change, so hopefully met up with yous soon.

    Sue & Rob
  11. Teva

    Teva New Member

    Hey all, how about a picnic in the park in Manly on the 26th or 27th Feb? I havent been to Manly before but those of you who live there can probably suggest a nice place or an alternative if its raining?
  12. DNL

    DNL New Member

    How about last Sunday in Feb? Give everyone plenty of notice. Can meet in Manly. Try and get one of those undercover picnic areas. BYO drinks and food. Plenty of space for kiddies to run around also. Let me know what you all think.
  13. nixster

    nixster New Member

    oh typical lol my other half is scottish im english. We live in wynnum at the mo but are giving up and moving up the sunny coast in 4 weeks. Myself and my older two kids who are 13 and 14 have never really settled here. Heres hoping we do in the sunny coast. Anyway still up for a meet and a few beers give us a shout.
  14. Teva

    Teva New Member

    Get together on the 27th?

    Hi All, shall we put the 27th in the diaries for a picnic in Manly?? Please all respond so we know how many people are coming. Can whomever lives near there suggest a good picnic spot?
  15. Jen

    Jen Guest


    I've moved to Brisbane from Stirling 3 weeks ago and it would be lovely to catch up with you all - count me in :smile:

    Jen x
  16. DNL

    DNL New Member

    Can we make the date Sunday 13th? Hubby is so busy at work.. Going to work a few weekends. There's a good shaded area by the big climbing frame in Manly. BYO food & drink. If this sounds good, let me know. L
  17. guest1919

    guest1919 New Member

    For anyone that's interested, there is also a facebook group set up by a couple living in Brissy. They meet once a month for a group/family meet but also meet in between for play days and girls/fellas nights out. The monthly meets take place in a different location each time and are spread right across the Brisbane area. They are on facebook as the Brisbannittes - be careful of the spelling or you won't be able to find them. They are holding a meet this coming Sat at Suttons Beach near Redcliffe.
  18. pet1r

    pet1r Guest

    Hi all,

    Moved to Brisbane last month and loving it so far... Any meetups planned? Be great to meet some new people!

    Teva... we're in exactly the same boat and living in KP if you guys want to catch up for a drink sometime.

  19. Briz Nurse

    Briz Nurse New Member

    Pete, Welcome to Brizzy!!! We`ve been here over 6 years now! The good news gets better and better!
  20. Derek Bryans

    Derek Bryans Guest

    Hi Guys,

    I've also just moved to Gold Coast (at the present time). Glad to meet up as I'm here myself at the moment. Wife and kids still back in Scotland :-(

    I'm in Broad Beach for another 3 weeks.



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